Whats anyone using on guitar tracks and mixing

Whats anyone using on guitar tracks and mixing


May be getting off topic here, but I’m interested to hear what problems you were having.


The operating system was awful. This thing stalled, glitched, froze up and crashed every DAW more than any other piece of outboard gear I’ve ever tried to sync to the rig. I expected to at minimum be able to use the hardware via the AES/EBU and s/pdif to re amp and print in a loop but the drivers and editor were an unstable nightmare when it came to trying to organize patches and recall. I really liked the idea of having the software and the hardware as two different platforms, that way the ‘brain’ of this thing could move about the facility freely. If we wanted the hardware integrated to a physical amp rig, great. If we wanted to use the software without the hassle of the dragging out a rig…then I thought we’d have that too.

I’d have completely agreed with this if the damn thing worked properly. I thought the concept engineering was brilliant. Sonically and functionally it would have been like my G system on steroids, if I’d have ever gotten it to work. What a shame. It sounded SooooooOOOOOo good!!! :frowning:


Oy… sorry to hear that!


I’m glad its working for you! :slight_smile:

Have you tried integrating it with your DAW?


I have it coming in stereo via SPDIF to my interface and so far so good. I do wish there was an “inside the DAW” control plugin though, instead of using H-Edit or whatever it’s called. It’s a really minor gripe but it would be nice to be able to graphically edit parameters without leaving the DAW environment.

I haven’t tried MIDI parameter control yet, that’s next on the list of stuff to experiment with.


Still using Blackstar HT1 (1 watt) head for most recordings, through the emulated speaker output. When I want that extra fizz it’s over to the Metal version.


This is what I use, these 2 cabs (1960a and Jet City 1x12) through various heads:
Mesa Mini Rectifier, JCM900, JCM2000, Laney AOR, Peavey Windsor, Marshall Vs8100

Orange Tiny Terror combo, all dual miked.

That’s what ends up on my final tracks, I might play/write/track with virtual, but I reamp at the end of the project. I still find that the tracks “sit” much better that way in a mix, and it is easier for me to mix a finished project with live recorded guitar tracks.


Load your own IRs for them, from what I’ve heard their built in ones are rubbish.


Researching “free VST instruments” for the kids music production course I am planning, I found that Native Instruments are offering some good free stuff. Including a free version of Guitar Rig, which is the only amp sim I am using. Towards the bottom of this page…



How do they do FREE? Hoping for the purchase of the full version I guess?

A lot of good guitar inputs… no pun intended.


It’s a limited version of the full version. It’s still enough stuff in the free version for me to eliminate all excuses to get good guitar sounds. It’s just harder to be experimental with it because there aren’t as many options.


They include basically a Marshall JCM800, a tubescreamer and a Marshall Cab, plus some basic, super basic effects options. It does well on clean and if you’re looking for British Steel Judas Priest metal tone, actually gets very close.
I sometimes use it, drop more effects and a cab simulator after it.


Reamp box does the same, plus you can always use amp sim if you want to, or a real amp.