What Is Your Favorite Guitar Tuner?

What Is Your Favorite Guitar Tuner?


That looks very similar to this ->

The TC Electronics costs $140 in Canada and the BOSS is $120.

I only read a few reviews of the TC but I read a lot of complaints about the tuner dying within a year or so.


How long have you had the newest Snark version? I’m curious to know how long they typically last.


Not certain, but I don’t think the Boss can read all 6 strings at once like the TC… Just strum the open strings and it tells you in one glance which are out. No problems with mine so far.


Yeah, I took another look at an ad for the BOSS tuner and it doesn’t appear to have that capability.

My only reservation with the TC Electronics tuner is that I have to have it plugged in to use it. I don’t particularly want to have another item/ pedal in my chain while I’m recording. I’d rather have something that clips on to the headstock of the guitar and can tune acoustic/ electric guitars and bass.


This one may work, then:


Oh man, this tuner looks perfect !


only a couple of months. at $10 a pop, I can get a new one every year if I want.

I think the piezio pickups just get less sensitive over time. no scientific backup to that, just guessing why snark’s get fussy after time