What Am I Gonna Do? Virus Blues from Styles Bitchley

What Am I Gonna Do? Virus Blues from Styles Bitchley

I can hear! I can hear! Thank the gods of audiology!

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They’re just the greatest, aren’t they? Benevolent and kind, yet diligent taskmasters. You couldn’t ask for better gods.

The bass doesn’t sound like it’s “in the room” with the guitar and hats in the acoustic part. It’s too direct. It has the DI sound. The vocals being so up front and the DI bass in the acoustic part is a sonic space aesthetic mismatch. When the “full band” comes in, it sits better. The kick drum is overpowering the whole drum submix. Swap a few kick dbs for some snare dbs. Otherwise, pretty solid mix IMO.

Thanks, good point on the bass, there’s a little room on the acoustics that is not applied to the bass.
Still working on the drums.
Appreciate the listen and the comments!

Any more suggestions? I’m ready to move on.

I was just thinking…I’d like to hear a version without the acoustic solo… just BAM! Into the massive band “hits”

Wow. LOVE the vibe and the swagger and the performances - AND song writing Bob! This was a fun ride! The acoustic intro is priceless and sets the mood just right for the BIG entrance of the band.

My only “gripe” has been mentioned and will be taken care of with the drummer. I want to feel the rhythm section really laying down a groove and supporting your outstanding playing. I love your singing on this one too. Thanks for sharing!

I want to see this one live! :beerbanger: :sunglasses:


Thanks very much for the listen and the comments. I’m still messing with it and will post a last souped up version soon, and wait for my drummer to find a place to record after that.

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I love the transition to electric. Almost feels like from studio to live, for some reason to me. Anyway it is a pleasant shock to the system, Bob. Massive playing and singing!

It has taken most of 2020, but Covid-19 inspired songs is spreading to everyone here almost. This bluesy perspective is a fitting snapshot of a common predicament, and I like its sentiments, because if anything deserves to be a blues song, it’s living in the pandemic.

Thanks for sharing, dude!

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Thanks to everyone for all the comments and suggestions.
The first one is for Andrew, who wanted to hear it go straight to the electric part after the second verse.
It was a tough edit, since a lot of pieces overlapped, so it was a good learning experience.
The second one is a little remix trying to incorporate a lot of the suggestions people made. I fattened up the snare with a little distortion and a lot of compression, and gave the part more room. Some small tweaks to the reverb on the voice, and some eq changes.
That should do it for this one until I get a real drum track. Thanks for all the ears!


Thanks for the comments. We’ll all remember this year for a lot of reasons. I think almost everything comes back to the blues eventually. It’s really the only style of music that allows you to think you’re young enough to keep playing it.
As to Covid, the numbers they keep throwing at us don’t really deal with the economic impact it has had on so many people who were already living paycheck to paycheck, and how that affects the decisions to open schools, small businesses, bars and restaurants. I think we all have a better understanding of how fragile everything can be.

I’m diggin the edited version! (maybe that’s just because I suggested it! :grimacing:) The acoustic solo was really nice too, but I just love the way the edited version pulls no punches! :boxing_glove:

This is a profound statement. Worthy of a great philosopher, such as Yogi Berra!

When you reach a certain age, if you come to a fork in the road, take it.

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It gets late early out here!

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Sounds great .A big surprise when the heavy stuff comes in .The vox seem slightly panned to the right or my head is lol.Oh i see that has been sorted