Wasteland mix by MikeD

Wasteland mix by MikeD



I love it. You got a great effect and didn’t get the delay artifacts like I did. I think the chorus you added helped hide any delay issues.


Thanks JayGee, I had to try it out after hearing your mix because that was one of the things I struggled with in mine. I have listened to this song/mix so many times now I was unsure if it helped or not. I am at this point. :wink:


I like what you did with the vocals


I am liking the overall vibe and balance. You good dynamics as well. The vocals have a few lip smacks that could have been cleaned up if you are going this in your face with them. I could have used more kick to balance the mix from top to bottom. Even with the addition of the bass it feels a little lacking in the low end to me.
Thanks for sharing.


Obviously not :blush:


Nice mix. The vocal seems to poke out a bit.


Super pleasant, like getting a special massage. No resistance whatsoever, just slides in for immeasurable pleasure. It’s lacking a little spice though, if you know what I mean. Everything sounds like it’s a bit flat. Also seems like it’s lacking a little high-end that would help with the spice problem, liven things up and help with stereo separation.

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Thanks CPF!


You’re welcome friend. May your journey be filled with love, women, and dirty magazines.


heard once more on old Samsung Earbuds (terrible ones) - previous pass was on AV40s (Treated room)

Mix translated well on the earbuds. Not much to add that hasn’t already been mentioned.

A simple suggestion I would make is to crop/fade the ending consonants at times, specially if harmony vocals and main vocals have different emphasis on the ending consonants, it gets a bit distracting on headphones and earbuds because of the stereo field. Example is 1:11s , quick and simple polish on the vocals :slight_smile:

Other than that, no peaks, no crackles on the earbuds, nicely translated.

Bass sounded great as well on earbuds!