Unsaid, Undone

Unsaid, Undone
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Whoah, yeah never heard Phil play like that!.. Sounds a bit like Weather Report…Although after listening to that stuff, my songs are Mary Had a Little Lamb-simple by comparison.


Thanks Paul - I appreciate the listen and the comments - cheers!


This is really cool, great playing all round. I love the syncopation between the guitars in the first verse and some sweet chops at the solo. Acoustics guitars sound impeccable and the bass performance is also a standout.
I’m not sure if that harsh snare is working for me, the amount of bottom wire just seems a bit too much within the context of the track, and I felt the kick is a bit too pronounced at 4K, and could quite as easily cut through the mix without all the click in a more transparent way. All just personal taste of course.
Nice job.


Thanks Terry - I think I’d like to massage the kick and snare a little more. I’ve gone with a fairly low-tuned snare on this song, which is a bit different for me, so may have to work it a bit more to get a handle on it. Thanks for chiming in - I appreciate the comments.


Cool song, great arrangement keeping it interesting. It’s sounding great on my meager monitors. The guitar tones are luscious and I really like the subtle strings filling out the final section of the song. The guitar solo is really tasty but through each listen there seems to be one note that pops out at me. Right at 2:37… the note that starts the final fast run downwards, jumps out tonally… and that’s really reaching to try and find something to bash on! Really nice work.


Thanks Jamieson - Glad you noticed the strings! The decision to add those came fairly late in the process, but the song seemed to be wanting something like that. I actually have a violinist friend of mine lined up to add some real strings to the mix, but we’re both super busy, so I’m not sure we’ll be able to find a time that suits us both… we’ll see…

That note… yeah the choice of note could have been better. It’s a weak note in the scale landing on a strong note in the rhythm, which is not idea… Maybe I should have played it twice!:wink:


Nice job Andrew. I, too love the tone on the guitar solo. It has nice air and bite at the same time, and space around it. Kind of a hollowbody sound to it. I read above about your “limitations as a singer”, and kind of got a chuckle out of that. You’re a great singer. I do hear a couple of small spots where the weight of the vocal performance could match the music a little bit better, but it would probably be a note by note surgery. The mix is pristine, and the song flows very well. In fact, I kept my guard up for your usual jolting chorus, and I’ll have to listen again to see if I missed it.


Thanks Bob - I appreciate the comments! Yeah, no jolting key changes this time, just a weird half-time chorus and a full speed verse!

The lead guitar used here was my '95 Fender Lone Star Strat set to the front pickup.


Thank you for the recent review! Now your song: the audio quality is rather good. Instrumentally, everything sounds very good. Most of the singing is quite good, though I thought some parts were a bit pitchy (usually the higher notes were culprit); that is my only significant gripe. Speed reading through the comments, I didn’t notice anyone else saying that, so maybe it’s just me. It did sound better on second listen.


Thanks for listening and commenting, Aaron.