Thinking of acoustic treatment for room, want advice

Thinking of acoustic treatment for room, want advice

Wow. That’s striking (the difference).

The origin of the term “gobo” is obscure, but is most likely short for “go-between.”

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Definitely consider aesthetics and ease of use here, in addition to sound quality. I considered getting gobos or something similar, but I am SO glad I went with the wall treatments. It looks fantastic and is completely out of my way. I never have to set anything up or move anything around and they don’t take up much space. And definitely don’t forget ceiling panels over your recording area–they make a big difference. If you’re going the DIY route with panels it won’t even be that expensive to make a whole bunch.

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Excellent. Thank you, Cristina. Makes absolute sense. Very practical.

In a home environment, you’re never going to get an actively great-sounding room, you’re almost always trying to eliminate the reflections and stop it from being a bad-sounding room. Basically, if you can imagine singing with a duvet (comforter) over your head, that’s they type of effect you should aim for. With zero reflections to deal with, you can mix on a level playing field, and add your own reflections, rather than having to spend half your time trying to mitigate room reflections on a recording.

For guitar, construct a simple tunnel. For vocals - any crude frame type setup with a couple of of duvets draped around it will work better than any acoustically treated room.

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We made our own. You can see them all here (sorry, film clip is all I have of my old room) fairly clearly. We did all of those on the wall, roof and some portables for under what would be $1000 USD.

If you need any guidance as to how (it was not hard and I’m NOT a handy man by any stretch) I’d be happy to share but it looks like you have loads of advice already.

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I have recently completed an online 10-hour training on acoustic treatment and taking this course is probably one of the best decisions I’ve made in my audio engineering journey. I wish I could recommend it to you but it is in French so probably useless to most of you here.

Anyway, my advice would be to get Room EQ wizard, spend a couple hours learning how to use it and analyse your room’s frequency response first. Buying or building acoustic treatment just for the sake of it doesn’t give the best results. You need to be aware of what exactly are the issues in your room and since every room is different, every solution should be too.

When you know exactly what are your room nodes and what issues to address (frequency peaks and dips, reverb time, flutter, problem reflections…) in which proportion, you can achieve a great result by spending the right amount.

Good luck!

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Off topic: Another killer song Daniel!

Now back to the topic. :grin:

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Ha!! Yeah, my intended purpose was not to spruke my band. But I’m glad you liked it.

I have been super impressed with how effective the baffles are.
To be honest, I was really hung up and into acoustics a few years ago but once I made them and concentrated more on mixing and knowing the deficiencies in both myself and my room, I sort of forgot about all that and got more music done.