Then...& Now

Then...& Now


BTW Andrew, the quality and attention to detail on your recordings is amazing - all the way back to your 4-track! Respect! :bowing_man:


Thanks Mike… however, the 4 track stuff makes me cringe - analogue recording limitations notwithstanding, there are some clams in there that I should have fixed. That said, (usually as a result of often using borrowed equipment and instruments) I was always so limited by time and opportunity back then.


I came back to listen to this one. What/who/where is this song? I’m a sucker for a good guitar delay! Good singer too! I’d love to read a “case study” on this one too! :wink:


Thanks Mike - Glad you liked it enough to take a second listen!

The song is called “Bulldozer” - I wrote it around 92 or 93.

Yours truly playing / singing all but the drums - they were played by Paul, the drummer in my old band.

It’s from my album that I’m saving up to have mastered now.

Thanks Mike, that’s very kind of you to say - but TBH my energy for description at that level of detail is a bit depleted these days.

As much as I enjoy actually doing those write-ups, they are extremely time-consuming… And while it’s always thrilling to get enthusiastic responses from people such as yourself, I get the feeling for the most part that the average reader can’t really be bothered with the printed word in any extended format these days.


Well done and many kudos!

My “request” was really tongue in cheek, because I realize full well what a herculean effort you put into writing up that case study that you shared with us. (That is why I copied it off this forum and put it into a Google Doc - so I can refer to it whenever my brain has enough capacity to soak up some more useful and practical tips. ) Many many thanks for doing that!


+1 for this… it’s an enormous investment of time to do such a thing, and we do appreciate it Andrew! And totally understand that it is a rarity, for sure. :+1:


I was just wondering if you had considered mastering it yourself? You’d have the best idea of what the end result should be, no?

And after mastering will you self-publish, kind of like what ptalbot seems to be doing?


Yes, I have - It would certainly save me some money. However, I’ve come to the conclusion that a third party would really benefit the process. A little while back, I purposefully posted a blind listening test for this specific reason - to decide whether getting an ME’s input was worth it:

The results of that test convinced me that it was.

Of course, & I still will be ultimately in control of the final mixes, because I have to approve what the ME does.

Yes, at least that’s the plan.


Yes, now I remember the listening test, duh! Smart way to do it, and it stands to reason that an outside specialist could bring good things to the project. I’ll look forward to the album!


I copied Andrew’s case study as well… :slight_smile:
@ColdRoomStudio I also have a 41!!! page case study you did 5-6 years ago on RR on the song “Clockwork Clown”.
If anyone is interested I could gladly send it to him.


Another case study?? YES!! Please send it to me. Thanks in advance! :grin:


Oh wow, really? Now that’s a blast from the past - The Slate Cup circa 2012! I thought it was forever lost to the Internet purgatory that was Recording Review!