The Elite 8

The Elite 8


No need to apologize, my friend. I entered mostly for the criticism. My entry got me A LOT of good pointers and things to ponder.


While hoping to win the contest, I was really more interested in getting feedback on my mix.
It may sound crazy, but I was nervous about entering the contest and worried I had dropped a big bomb.

Instead I received intelligent and well deserved criticism. Some of it was personal taste, but they also indicated that was the reason for their critique.

I took every critique and made a new mix that incorporated it as well a mix that contained all of the suggestions.

I really learned a lot from the contest and feel it has allowed me to mature in my hobby, but it also made me realize just what a talented community I have found.


I must be really hungry. I read this as bread sticks.


Kick drum is a bit too boomy???:grin: I looked on it as more of a heart beat than a kick drum


like i did too. It IS an heartbeat


Guys, don’t read too much into my comments… they’re just one person’s subjective opinion. In hindsight, as a much wiser person than I has pointed out to me, I probably should have waited until the contest was completely done before posting any notes/comments. Lesson learned for next time.


You done a great job


I think it’s always helpful to get feedback from the judges, but at the same time, I would hope other judges aren’t swayed by what you wrote.


Forgot to comment on this. In the judging thread, I used the “hide details” tool to make it so my notes were not immediately visible, one has to click on a widget to reveal them, and did a separate instance for each pairing so that if anyone wanted to see my notes on one matchup they didn’t have to view any of the others. Did that for exactly the reason you say, I didn’t want color anyone else’s opinions. Folks could then control whether and when they viewed the comments, if at all.


When will the next lot be judged ?Why is it all taking so long


Dunno… :confused:


Judging is complete for this round. Our leader, Bryan, just needs to get the info out and set up the final four round-- but like all of us, he has a life and is busy. We’re all doing this in our spare time, so it doesn’t happen as quickly as everyone would like. Hang in there!