The best demo of a strat ever?

The best demo of a strat ever?


I’ve always been a Beck fan so, . . . but since we’re on to slide now, if you don’t know him, Sonny Landreth, very innovative, good sound, worth a listen!


Sonny Landreth is amazing!

Ok, we’ve turned this into a slide post! If you all have no heard this album, you have done yourselves a disservice!

This is a collaboration between the amazing Ry Cooder and VM Bhatt. Ry Cooder is legendary, but VM Bhatt is an Indian guitarist who plays a modified guitar of his own design, more like a lap steel than a guitar. This album (or a track on it) actually picked up a Grammy.


And for those interested, this song was used in the soundtrack on Dead Man Walking. I heard this track on Jazz FM back in London in around 1994 or so. With no internet I had to try to figure out who the track was by, and ended up ordering an imported CD from Tower Records in Picadilly Circus in London and then had to pay £24 for it!


Awesome-- huge Sonny Landreth fan and also I love that Bhatt/Cooder album. I didn’t realize he modded his own guitar that way-- very cool!