Thank you anyway (Blues Rock)

Thanks guys for the listen and feedback!

I will loop that section on the individual tom tracks . Maybe I am not listening for the right thing and it snuck past.

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My leg was moving, head was bobbing. Mix A and B are good mixes FluteCafe. Just depends on what vibe you are going for. Mix B is a nice sing songy like in a musical, and Mix A has a great live feel.

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I heard it this time (I think). My ear sort of zones out on this song with the groove. I think it indeed was the floor tom, or the synth or superman zooming across for a spin :sweat_smile:


Thanks for your detailed observations and the listen!

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Listening to mix #1 from your initial post. Love it. I love the thin layer of treatment over various parts, in particular the toms and drums (kick has a super short slap delay or something?).
The drums really provide drive and punch and the up front splashy cymbals never once sound too loud despite being right there in your face. If I was the drummer, I’d be very pleased with this mix. There are so many little expressions hidden in the ride, hats and splashes that most folks won’t hear them, but the fact is they are there loud and clear if you want to! That’s what a stellar mix does.
There was only one thing I questioned and that was the vocal at it’s most intense towards the end of the song actually seemed to fall back into the mix, despite the obvious note range and intensity increasing. But it wasn’t a major thing and I thoroughly loved hearing the song and the mix!

Mix #B from a few days ago: Another wonderful job. Again, I can’t really fault it. I would, however, say that Mix A feels a bit more live and on edge in a good way. It sounds like a band playing and holding it together while living on the edge as well. This mix feels a bit more “studio” like.Could be me, but the higher, more intense vocal seems a little more focussed than the first mix but that could be me listening out for it and being more aware of it.

My vote is Mix A if I had to choose.

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I first checked out the original, which I thought sounded very good.

Then I went straight to V5, since I’m late in the game. First thing was I did a little jump in my seat from the power in your mix! I was almost looking for my volume control, but it was loud in a very good way.

I tend to like a live vibe over a studio vibe, even though I know full well how processed a song like this is. Who knows if anyone was ever in the same room at the same time anyway? And that’s extra difficult when some people play multiple instruments, but that’s OK with me because it is the illusion of liveness that really matters. At an outdoor concert it gets pretty loud up close, but toward the rear its energy can still be felt, which is how the original struck me. With your mix I felt like I had a tenth row seat in the middle and I wasn’t missing a thing.

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This sounds nice and lively to me. The song is great, and you’ve done a solid job with giving it the energy it deserves.
My only nit would be the snare being a little too prominent in the mix, almost sounding bigger than the vocal. I love the sound of it, but my focus went immediately to it.
Other than that element of subjectivity It’s great work.

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