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Is this true? If so, why not? Can’t you send whatever audio out to whatever bus you want and route that bus to whatever channel you want?

I think the main difference with SD3 is that the room mics were recorded specifically to be routed to those tracks. But the routing isn’t anything new, other than the labels as far as I can tell.


I’ve been recording my drum tracks with an old electric drum kit. I’m using an Alesis D4 drum module/ brain and a Yamaha kit / pads.

The thing I really dislike about recording my electric kit is that I’m stuck with only 2 tracks…, left and right. So I have to make sure all my tracks are balanced and mixed properly before committing to “tape”. I can’t turn up my snare later without turning up hi hats, cymbals, or whatever other drums are occupying the same track as the snare is. I’m wondering if there is some way to get all the separate drums (ie, snare, kick, hats, toms1, toms2, floor, crash, ride, etc.) onto their own individual tracks without doing numerous takes and overdubs?

I watched the Superior Drummer 3 video and noticed that the software can automatically recognize what a snare, kick, tom, or any other drum is, and then it will replace the sound with one of the Superior Drummer 3 samples. If I have an electric drum track recorded in stereo, will this software be able to find and sort each individual drum sound (ie, snare, kick, tom, crash) onto separate tracks so that I can mix with more control and flexibility?


I think you’d be a lot better off just buying a $5 MIDI to USB cable and recording the midi of your performance, Then you can trigger whatever drum samples you want.


That sounds like a good approach. I’ll probably give that a try. Thanks Boz!


Ya know, I’ve never had to do this. I believe the Slate trigger can do this too, but I’ve never tried it. I have no idea how well it works. I’d be interested to see if this thing is ‘smarter than your average plugin’ lol.


Yeah, it would be really useful if it turns out to be.

I’ll probably do what Boz suggested. If I’m unsatisfied with that workflow maybe I’ll look further into something like Slate or another drum replacement software.


@bozmillar You can do that. Apparently, that means nothing.

That’s what I said, but Joanthon says I’m wrong.
Certainly In BFD 3 you can route any piece to any channel out and run it on any bus within your Daw. I do it on every track I record.
You can also have as many duplicates of a piece as you want and do the same thing.
And since Samplitude boasts the ability to produce surround sound (quite how, I neither know or care), I think you’re right about it being down to labeling.

But I’m so damned scared of getting binned from this forum that I don’t argue.


I have a Simmons e-kit that is almost 10 years old, and it has both MIDI ports and a USB port. It may be that just a long USB cable is needed. When I tried to run it into Pro Tools the MIDI drum mapping was wacky and didn’t work. I haven’t tried that with Reaper (I don’t know why) but it’s worth a try to see. I believe I did do a drum map at one time to make it work with Pro Tools but that was a PITA. I’d assume Alesis could be a bit better, I have an old SR-16 and they seem to know what they are doing. :wink: But be prepared to check the MIDI drum mapping.


I’m pretty sure that I’ll be in here bothering you guys if I run into problems with it…and I’m confident I’ll run into a few difficulties. :drums2::grin:


Ah. I understand the question. You can. The answer to that is clearly yes. But you will only ever have a mono or stereo source feeding one or more of those channels. Take Michael Carne’s Phoenix Verb reverb. That would accept a mono source and send a DIFFERENT verb tail to each speaker. The operative word is ‘different’. One is a unique 5.1 image, the other is merely a duplication of a mono image six times over.

In some ways, its not that big of a deal. TONS of sources in film and gaming is mono junk spread around the 360 panner. What I felt was unique was a virtual instrument drum plugin attempting to take a step in the immersive direction. It wasn’t huge to me because of how usable it was. I mean…how many times are you going to mix drums for Atmos? It was huge to me because it was a step forward in innovation :smiley:

@Coquet-Shack…I don’t know that I actually understood what you were saying.




Not sure here…I think it depends on what you’re talking about and how you mean that. Surround sound and immersive sound isn’t just a label for more output busses. Its a distinct technology. You integrate mono and stereo sources into a surround mix, but what makes a surround mix unique, is object panning.


In a very strict sense, I might agree. But its a stretch. Lets stay you had a helicopter sound. You want to hear it fly diagonally across your room from front left, to back right.

If you set up 8 stereo output busses (to 16 room speakers) and automated your DAW sends to nudge the helicopter in and out of the right speakers at the right time, you could presumably simulate object panner technology. But that’s whole heck of a lot of work, when you can attach the stereo helicopter track to an yellow dot, and wiggle a joystick in a diagonal direction. :smiley:


Dude…argue away…that’s how people learn stuff…lets just keep it civil !!


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