"Summer Soul/Winter Mind" complete

"Summer Soul/Winter Mind" complete
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Well you know what, that’s good enough for me man.
I honestly think any changes I make at this point would be counter-productive, although I did try out one more little trick that I learned the other day that didn’t seem to do any harm.
You duplicate a voxless mix and throw it back into the 2 bus via a send channel, roll of a bit of extreme top end and feed back into the main mix ever so slightly.
It’s only a subtle change, but really seemed to thicken up the track overall.
Cheers again for the help Andrew.


Yes good sounding and good music too. Next !!!


Previous mix still wasn’t really working for me. The main issues I felt was the snare which was lacking body and overall level, the vocals were washed out and seemed to lack presence due to too much distortion, and the guitars were lacking presence and separation.
In addition to these fixes I recorded some l/r acoustic guitars in the chorus’s, used as ambient tracks to add a sense thickness.
At this point I’m pretty happy but if there’s anything that sticks out that I’ve missed I’d love to know, cheers.