Style Over Substance

Style Over Substance


*Popularized. There were other bands before them that didn’t know how to play their instruments and sang about how much the government sucked.


You’ve clearly never heard the Ramones, so just stop that nonsense.


I was being facetious, but I’ll stick by them not being the inventors. AC/DC gets a lot of credit for being the only warts and all Australian rock and roll band of the '70s, but there were others like Rose Tattoo and Faces around the same time that just never got nearly as popular. I can’t name any parallels to the Ramones, because I don’t really like pure punk.


Well I do like pure punk, all of it, and I can tell you they were the first to do what they did. Were there “garage rock” bands before the Ramones? Of course. Stooges, MC5, The Sonics, Velvet Underground, NY Dolls, etc. But the Ramones stripped it down to the bare essentials and did it with massive amounts of raw energy. They made the blueprint and laid the foundation for what would forever be considered punk rock.

Ramones started in 74. Watch this vid from 77. There weren’t any bands doing this like this before 1974.


I’ve always liked Road To Ruin but even that album has a few duds on it. They were alright but I think they’re way overrated. The Ramones , Motorhead and Johnny Cash are bandwagons that hipsters jumped on decades after those artist’s primes. I was into Motorhead and The Ramones but both those bands are enormously overrated.


Lol what? Hold up…you like fucking KISS but Ramones, Motorhead, and Johnny Cash are “overrated” and for hipsters? Are you fucking kidding me? What fucking hipsters do you know that like Motorhead? Lol! And because their prime was the 70s? So anyone that wasn’t with a band from the very beginning is a bandwagoner? Lol. So I guess that would make you Beatles “fans” fakes huh? Thought so.

I need some air. The bullshit is too thick in here. I’m out.


The Saints from here in Brisbane, Aus, released their first single ‘I’m Stranded’ in September 1976…also considered one of the first punk releases. Both the Ramones and the Saints formed around '74 - obviously, the Ramones were far more influential.


Yeah, go relax.:rofl:


Ramones, Motorhead, and Johnny Cash didn’t write “Love Gun”.


Radio Birdman were pretty cool - from around the same time, down in Sydney:


I’m not a hipster. I was listening to, and recognizing Johnny Cash’s huge talents in the early 1960s.
I agree entirely that, like so many other greats, his brilliance was only recognized after his star waned or only when it briefly flared again before his death.


In recent years it’s been cool for young hard rock fans to dig Johnny Cash. I understand that there are hordes of true Johnny Cash fans that aren’t bandwagoners or hipsters. The same goes for Ramones and Motorhead fans. I have no problem with the genuine fans but there are so many people now that wear these artists T-shirts and mention how they are fans of these groups, but they only know a few of their songs. It’s very trendy and cool to be a fan of those artists these days. They have “street cred”. Johnny Cash would have been laughed at by much of the hard rockers back in the early 80’s. That doesn’t mean his music is bad…It just means these rockers now equate Johnny with coolness, especially since he did a cover of Rusty Cage by the band Soundgarden.