Song about the Covid

Song about the Covid

One more thing…bass will not hurt a guitar amp. The amp does not care. Bass will more easily overdrive a tube amp, but it won’t hurt anything. Bass will hurt guitar speakers though. You have to keep the volume under control. You can hear a guitar speaker starting to get unhappy when you run bass through it. Just back off from there.

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BTW, I have enjoyed your musical abilities and info. It’s amazing how creativity and politics can be such different aspects of a person.

And if my comments are censored, well you know what that means.

I found that too. Though the Peavey Pacer I used is Solid State, it handles bass fine but I can’t turn it up much. The Pacer is 45 watts RMS and has a 12" Celestion, and while it wasn’t a great guitar amp it works pretty well for bass (P-bass copy). I also tried it through an Egnater 2X12 and it worked nicely too, but again I kept the volume reasonable.

I’m going to just remove all the political bickering from this thread. If Antihero makes a song with a strong political opinion, that’s fine. That is the entire purpose of the song. If anybody has issue with it, they can create another song with their own political opinion and post it for bashing.


No, please leave it alone. Leave it as it is. Let the record show how ludicrous Stan’s right wing stance really is.

Goddammit. Lol.


too late.

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Well on the bright side, at least you’re doing something about the right wing’s fake news. Someone has to.

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I’m gonna go ahead and take this down now. Thank you to all that listened and commented. Your feedback is appreciated.

I finally was able to listen to the song- my laptop is being finnicky nowadays. But that was really well done, antihero! I enjoy the music and performance immensely, quite high energy. Technically flawless in my nontechnical estimation.

But the message is by far the high point of this song. Very clever how you use the POV of the soldiers. It really is hitting home today as DJT in stump speeches at super spreader rallies is now openingly endorsing Dr. Atlas’s herd immunity policy, which is such a bad idea, but obviously there are a lot of people who are listening to him and following his advice. In Texas I see them in stores without the required masks. In smaller businesses I see the workers not wearing masks or practicing social distancing. As if the pandemic is over. As if it is a hoax or hype or something.

I hope this gets played a million times, but I suspect the deniers wouldn’t hear it. Certainly won’t play it at their Covid-19 infection parties (real!).

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How did you hear it? Did you already have it downloaded before I took it down? Thank you though. I appreciate it.

Thank you for that. Being critical from the POV of the people or things I’m criticizing is one of the writing traits I’m actually proud of. I think it’s a cool writing trick that turns something that’s just mean and ugly into something that is still mean, but funny. I could just trash all of the anti-mask magamorons from my own perspective. But what’s funny about that? It would just be angry and mean. I think it’s more funny to make fun of them from within them. For me, it’s more clever to point out their gross idiocy from their own perspective, and that wasn’t hard to do at all. This song pretty much wrote itself. It is actually a true story.

I would say that ‘funny’ is subjective. I actually can (and do) have a sense of humor, and what you described is actually similar to a recent Saturday Night Live skit that made me laugh - and partly because it reminded me so much of the tone and progression of this thread. (angry and mean notwithstanding) :slightly_smiling_face: Also, Bill Burr was the SNL host that week, and did some really good stuff IMO.

An actor (Beck Bennett) posts a controversial Instagram video against President Trump.


I guess I downloaded it on 10/19 at 2p, then had computer issues playing it until I rebooted. I really am sorry you did take it down. You know, you can never please everybody, and nowadays even pandemic deniers and herd immunity believers are politicized when they should just be called on the science.

Your song needs a Youtube video, dude!

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