So long (new space-mix of Emmasong)

So long (new space-mix of Emmasong)


Good thought bud. I am with you on that. I look forward to listening to her stuff because you know it is going to be VERY interested. ha ha We love her cuz she is a " little out there"


Hey Paul,
somehow I missed your comment… oopsy sorry!!
And thanks…
hah… taking the fx out made me laugh coz I had it sitting effectless for literally years… my unadorned sounds bore me almost witless (cheesy grin)… I just found it quite a boring song on its own, a bit melancholic which I like and I was okay with the ‘takes’ but just needing another layer to it to try to express the other sense of the song from when I wrote it, that I’d somehow missed with just voice and piano… ha… waffle waffle… if that makes any sense whatsoever?

And yeah, I’m trying to work musically again… like a muscle that I’d almost forgotten how to use - how quick and scary is that??? Mid summer here, gorgeous weather and the plums and peaches are ripe for the picking… tomatoes just starting. I love this time of year, harvesting and the weeds slow right down…

More strange sounds coming from me real soon… hehe


Thanks for that Ingo!
The freedom from pursuing commercial success allows me to follow more unorthodox audio trails but it is still important for me to get feedback - really appreciate it ta!


Awesome! I love all of the sound effects, and I really like the bass sound as well. One thing I might try is making the sounds a bit less random-seeming. I do like the off-kilter feeling, but I wonder if you could preserve that by just keeping one lowish-volume sound off the grid, and have the rest of them match better with the time set by the piano. I’m not sure what to do, but that’s something that prevented me from getting really into the song. I like the vocal and the mix!


Hi Cristina, - Thanks for checking this out and commenting.
Yeah the synth is a wayward beast… it’s actually a vocal fluctuating vowel thing I was playing with in omnisphere… really unstable and unpredictable - I have played around with it quite a bit but it is not at all suitable for what I’ve used it for… hah… serves me right, but in some ways it is that random thing that I really liked…

I have tried to dive into this song again and suspect that it is ‘done’. I’ve tweaked the overall eq and think I liked that - just nudging up a couple of areas but I have had to put it away for a few days as I grew into the loathe-everything groove that is so very boring!
Will repost next week when I have some studio space. In the meantime I am having some wonderfully self-indulgent creative ideas that it are so fun to play with…The rollercoaster of creativity is a fickle beast…


I totally get it. Sometimes a song doesn’t turn out quite the way you’d like it to be, but your creativity/muse is already pulling you towards something else. That happens to me at some point with every track and it’s a real grind to bring it over the finish line.


Hi, @Emma, I guess I’ve been spacing out in my own little world thus far in 2019, but I did just now get around to IRD, and this song is a wonderful example of why I it’s worth it. I, too, have been curious as to what I can generate from some of my wackier wilder synth sounds, the ones that are really cool but not always harmonically friendly, and my current song is almost entirely that. Sounds nothing like your soundscape, but that’s what’s so good. To me, it is experimental in the sense of its randomness. I find I might nudge a sound here and there or repeat it to death almost and just go with how it sounds best to me. It is quite a challenge to achieve reasonable control and those elements of chaos you have at your disposal. You did a great job on this. Very restrained, suggesting airports and offices etc to me.

As for the song itself, super melancholy beautiful. Recording seems loud for a softer song, but it isn’t technically too loud. But I think I prefer listening to it at about 30%.

The harmony vocals was nice. It may bother some that it follows the lead vocal like a delay, but I like it, feels authentic. You have added it again in a modest amount, too, creating a pleasant diversity.

It could be construed as a sad song, and I hope if it is, I hope it is not messing with your new year. And at least you’re not leaving us here!


I had to revisit. Yup, I like it more this time. Aside from the great performance by you, that into could stand alone as well. Feather falling down from the clouds now. Geesh, where did you get that? I just get a lot of emotion from your music. Also a little sadness. There, now I feel better:)


Thanks Paul!
Y’know I still can’t bear to listen to that song again, I tried to re-mix but it is dead-to-me-ears still, alas…
overdone like an overdone thingie :roll_eyes:


You might have caught that feeling from Cristina???


Ach nooo, I’ve been suffering from this complaint since before she was born I think… (ironic grin)
I’ve been having fun today though… just broke all the rules and recorded a brand new song with absolutely NO practice and not even any clear idea of where I was going with it and I rather like it…
hehe… did it all so super quick that there was no way I could cook it to death :scream:


My best songs and my kids I did super quick as well. I hope you like your song tomorrow and the day after and then post it for us…DON’T CHANGE A THING


Hi Emma,

Really hope you’re doing well.

It’s always with a great pleasure that I discover your songs…and as always, you’re going where I don’t expect. This song is a very good one.

I really like the contrast between the robotic noises and the fluidity of the vocals and it’s simplicity…it sort of give a creepy feeling to a lovely melody.

As for the mix itself, it’s good. May be there is one backing vocal that sit less in the mix than the other, at 2:27. But who cares.

I had a wonderful 3:26 listenning to this one.

Very good job.



How lovely to see you back around these recording pathways Mathieu and thanks so much for your kind words!!
That was a lovely description of the sort of creepy feeling as it is just the idea that I had in mind… I started with a quite cheesy sweet thing that had an underlying wrench to the song and I had been really struggling to find a way to translate that into music… in the end I just sort of threw up my hands and tried every sound in omnisphere until I found one that worked. And will check out that backing vox that lurched a little to your ears… :wink:
LOVE your new song by the way… now get back into that studio please and record some more!!


I anyone is interested, I popped a new thrown-together songlet up on soundcloud.
I didn’t put it up for bash as it was literally thrown-together and it just felt kinda refreshing to do that for a change…


Wow This is great. Love the melody line and the jump to those higher notes. I might be the only one again, but this does bring a tear to my eye. Awesome Emma. Somebody somewhere is going to want this. I think this is the most saleable track you have created yet. I have to play this to my grandkids and get their take on it. They still make reference to the moo moo song:)

ps this should have been on a new thread???


Thanks heaps Paul!
this is the song that I literally threw together in a couple of hours… a terrible example of recording haha…
I didn’t even really know the tune, made it up mostly as I went, a one-hit recording and then I just used the inept piano as a crazy multi voice synth that sort of offset the brooding melancholy of the song (grin).
I was so fed up with not being able to sing for so long that I sort of blurted it out and captured the blurt. I was going to leave it but being me, after all that I spent rather a lot of time trying to tidy the beast up.
So I won’t put it up for bash as it is as it is… quite unashamedly raw and yet still hopefully a bit upbeat and chirpy…

Sometimes songs just fall or fly together with all their components, other times it is gruelingly hard. I actually enjoyed this little song because it was so very quick to work with and the synth made me smile… and then I added a cheesy choir sound and a wonderful eerie soaring space bird… I am perhaps reading too much science fiction/fantasy these days… hehe…

thanks again for checking it out :slight_smile:
Just to read your words was lovely!!


I just love your songs Emma. So imaginative and creative. Whenever you post a new one, I have to wait for a nice quiet moment so I can sit and spend quality time with it.

Initially, I listen just to get the mood, then I pull up your thoughtful lyrics and read along. As for this song, I really enjoyed this little journey. The whimsical little robot picture is just perfect. This could be a scene in a quirky little short film. For some reason it makes me think of a cartoon movie from my childhood, “Me and My Arrow”… Let’s see. Nope, it’s called The Point. Me and My Arrow was the song. (I’ve always been a dog person. :slightly_smiling_face: )

The Point - Me and My Arrow (Harry Nilsson)

BTW, are you still using Alicia Keys? That is a superb piano sound! Bravo all around!


Yay… thanks Mike!!!
And that is such a cute song/video… it gave me some ideas… o no… I need NO new ideas haha…
I am still playing with many many drawings and trying to craft them with still photography into videos… it is a longer learning curve than I would wish for… alas.
Thanks a lot for checking that out, and your kind words!
And yes, Alicia’s Keys simply does everything that I wish for in a virtual piano.


I really enjoyed that. There are a lot of far-out and light-hearted sounds in this, but also some scary sounds, and then the piano and vocal is very heartfelt. All jumbled together like that it’s actually quite moving. And that robot picture is so cute!