Slate Virtual Recording Studio announcement

Slate Virtual Recording Studio announcement
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I wonder if these can be daisy-chained for 16 or 24 inputs. It’d be interesting to use this in a live scenario. Although, it’d be total overkill :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is he really saying that? I don’t think his target market here is commercial studios. This whole add looks heavily geared toward pro-sumers at best.

Those little ML2 sdc mics were interesting. Someone may eventually come along and invent a sdc in the $100 price range that can challenge the SM81, Neumann 184, or AKG 451, but I’m real real wary of a mic that cheap. Not ‘because’ its cheap per se, but because I know what other stuff in that price range (behringer, rode, nady, MXL) sounds like.

With as many commercial studios as he’s worked in, surely he knows those guys aren’t gonna go into their mic locker and grab a ML2 when there’s a C3000 sitting next to it.

His plugins are a different story. Commercial studios use them. The difference is that they’re as good as the other stuff out there. I guess time will tell.


Well, again the lack of digital i/o screams prosumer. My guess is it probably works like the Presonus Firestudios did where there was no WC in and no BNC anywhere on the unit, but multiple presonus units synced to a word clock over firewire.


I know exactly what you mean - it’s not that it can’t be done, it’s just that even thinking of something like component tolerances - if you want one mic to be the same as the next one that rolls of the production line, you gotta pay the factory to take care, test electronics, make sure every capsule actually performs the same, lasts long enough that your customers don’t all hate you…


cool… I watched a video comparing those 1176 to waves and UAD… waves (which I’m currently using) is far the ballpark of UAD and slate 1176…
good to know that…


Did you mean far FROM the ballpark? Having all 3, I’ve been reaching for the Waves modeling comps less lately, though the CLA stuff in particular was my go-to on tons of records. @ColdRoomStudio on RR said that once he got the Slate he started using the UAD less. But I have the new revision upgrades of the vintage hardware line, and that could make a difference. So I still use the UAD more, but sometimes swap out the 1176’s for Slate if I need to hammer the hell out of a snare drum or REALLY crush a pair of OHs on a parallel bus. I really like those little Slate custom lifters though. I don’t know what the hell is going on under the hood, but I can’t get anything else to achieve those specific Q curves. And its impossible to reverse engineer the curve with a Waves Q-clone because they’re processing in parallel.

Waves still does a better job than both of them at having the biggest range of tools. Surround sound mixing, restoration, mastering gear, metering…I think Waves has the upper hand there. But yeah, if you put the Schoeps 1073 against the UAD 1073 all you’ll get is a good laugh.


get me a vomit bag please…


Dude. Nice website. You use a lot of the same stuff I do lol. Focal, Nuendo, UAD, Komplete Kontrol…

Welcome to the site :smiley:


That ML-2 on the kick was phenomenal. Steven Slate is changing the audio world, specially for small and home studios. Great software, and I bet the hardware is awesome too


Amen to that. I loved the sycophantic applause. I thought Slate was human enough to lookl embarrassed by that.
And … if the built in chip is the way to remove latency, and a PCi card IS the way to do that for PCs, then all he’s done is opened a can of worms where he’ll soon be undersold by other comapnies doing their own none patent breaking versions of his stuff.

Now JK. DON’T try joking about this or the politburo may delete your post.


“SHAM”-wow… I love the irony there!


Could they be the same guy?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Uncle and nephew maybe?.. similar “sucked mango” hairstyle…

Slate’s next product: ShamVU (a metering plugin)


I cannot wait until @bozmillar gets that kind of hair. He will hit the big time then !


I absolutely HATE that haircut. Not so bad on a younger guy, but someone in their 40s or older, like the guy on the right, from the infomercial? DISGUSTING. Act your age, douchebag!


Oh. Funny. I was watching that commercial here at the house. The commercial was soooooo poorly put together I thought it wasn’t a real product.

Voice from the other room…“Honey, please don’t buy those, I don’t like them”

Sarcastically I replied (thinking they are not a real product), “Well have you ever tried them”?

“If the were any good they wouldn’t be on Amazon for $20” Doh!! Xp

Did everyone else know those things were real?


Hey Jonathan, cheers mate.thanks…
yeah i don’t really hate Slate products but the mkt is so lame. This microphone product could be ok…although i dont like subscription based madness when i have to work just to pay for subs… Its easy to get trapped into thinking you never have enough to get good results and its so bloody addictive (They know this). I wish i hadn’t of bought many items i have over the years , in the end they haven’t helped me write and record more. Pick a flavor and run with it…whether that’s in your DAW, or your third party favorite. Slate, UAD,Waves, Melda, Boz Digital etc…there are plenty out there which will all give great results. If anything i’m culling to a handful. :slight_smile:


I have to admit, some of the reason I never felt the need to try Slate is that they’ve been the “cool product on the block” - on the guitar forums I went on everyone dabbling in home recording gets a slate bundle, they always pop up on my facebook ads… I guess I’m just contrarian, this is much the same reason I didn’t play Pogs at school or get a Tamagochi.

A bigger reason to be fair is that I don’t want to have to use a physical Ilok, and subscription models kind of annoy me with software, and I already have the plugs I need.

As for this stuff, I think I’d be more excited if the interface was marketed as just a great sounding interface - the thing is it’s cheaper that some of the better 8 channel mic pre/ converter bundles, and those can just do one thing well, I can’t help but feel skeptical that for less money you can get something that’s as good as a whole host of industry standard mic preamps and converters and a world class mic locker…

Basically, I don’t care if your £100 SDC can sound like a KM84, does it sound good? Is it better than an Okt-012 or C-1000?


I would consider buying it if you could expand it to use more than 8 preamps without buying another one of the same interfaces for an additional $2k - maybe next year when they come out with an Octo-pre type expansion device that isn’t just a second full on interface at a lower price point, I’ll take the plunge.


That was part of my premise in asserting it was geared toward a prosumer market. I don’t think his target market for this would regularly use more than 8 preamps at once. I can’t believe there’s no word clock. That’s crazy to me. That’s like 101 as the most basic necessity for scale up a system.