Sing to me

Sing to me

A little mix with just acoustics and vox.


Nice. I find the whole thing a little over done in the high mids. Also i think that the vocals could be a little more front and center.

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Yes very nice indeed!
Some observations: I like the baseline on the guitar in the intro. It sort of disappears further on in the song, which is OK, but you could consider bringing it back (or accentuating it with automation) further down the line. The “sing to me” line is obviously the hook, but it’s also the verse with the A E and D chords. It seems there’s not really a chorus, more like a second part without a hook (but nice chord progression!). You could maybe try and use the tambourine to give that part a bit of an 6/8 feel (by playing 8th notes) to make it stand out. I’m not sure if the tambourine on the second and third beat is very effective. Its does the same as the guitar, masking the higher frequencies of the guitar. And there is some sort of shaker in the background doing the same. I would suggest you try a different rhythm for the shaker (on the offbeat?) or leave it out. perhaps the shaker could do the 6/8 thing in the second part. The guitar solo is nice. I would consider giving it one or two dB more in relation to the rhythm guitar.
I can’t comment on the eq setting, I’m listening on my laptop :neutral_face:
It’s good to hear an all acoustic now and then, I can’t help wanting to fill it all up with instruments, but sometimes less is more.

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The start and end are good, for balance - but it sounds like the guitarist mixed the mid section, it gets loud and midrangey, and that wasn’t necessary.

Not much to do really.

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Hey again :slight_smile:
I really would not copy previous comments but I really share their thoughts.

What I would add is I found the vocal lacking of low end while the main guitar brings most of it. I’d prefer the opposite since the vocal is the main actor to my mind.

By the way, really nice job, again!