Short orchestral remix

Short orchestral remix


Make it mellow eh? Hadn’t thought of that. The opening is supposed to be unsettling but that’s not a bad idea, thanks for the suggestion!


Thank you for the review! Now your tune: it starts out beautifully. It sounds pretty much like a real orchestra through out. I actually wish it was a bit longer because it sounds very good! I like kettle drums, so I can’t help but wonder how it would sound with those a bit louder, my only semi-complaint; well that and the song ends a bit abruptly. I like most all of the melodies. Audio quality is quite good. Good job! :slight_smile:


Thank you Aaron, audio library stuff is hard, for me at least and the kettle drums go up and down depending on what day and mix version I’m trying but they are cool when they work.

I cut this short to try and concentrate on many problems but maybe eventually I’ll post the longer version.