She thought to see Dragons

She thought to see Dragons
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This makes me want to ride a horse through the hills with a burlap sack of turnips.


@Emma, are any of your songs showing up on iTunes, Spotify, etc yet? They should be!!


Ahh that’s kind of you Bryan… I keep meaning to organise myself to do that but I haven’t got around to it yet… there’s that barrier of how to do it… maybe I’ll set up a new thread to help motivate me… Thanks for the nudge! :thinking:

Getting your music on iTunes, Spotify, etc

Somehow I missed this thread, but I DID just find your song on SoundCloud the other day. Brilliant songwriting! I particularly like this line: “the sweep of the bristle, the brushing of the broom”. And I love the Celtic/Loreena vibe too. Really nice - thanks for sharing it with us!


Just realised I’d not replied to all my bashes - apologies !

Hiya Daniel, I’d chattered to you on soundcloud but not here… thanks heaps for your kind words!!

Hey E… t’was very cool to read your words, yay… thanks!! Yeah I don’t usually ever have long intros, it just kinda grew and I left it there, I never really think about these things haha… and the drums ARE still wonky… I would have spent SO many endless hours doing them and re-doing them that in the end I sort of gave up… At the moment I can’t bear to listen to this song anymore, it’s gone to that ‘loathing’ stage alas… :slight_smile:

a burlap sack? hehe… ooh argh (spoken like a celtic pirate)… glad to have created such an image for you!

Hey there Mike,
that’s some lovely comments, thanks so very much!!



Emma, Emma, our lovely and talented Emma. If you are so good at other things that this would not be a priority, then you are even more talented than we know. I saw that you’re involved in another thread about this, so I’m glad you’re trying to figure it out.
The cool thing for you is that you have a distinctive style which will stand out to listeners, which should make it easier for you to find a micro market of ardent fans quickly and build on it. We would all love to be able to say we bashed your recordings before you conquered the world.
Let us know when you complete your mission, and keep up the great work.


O Styles…

THANKS… and aw shucks and sheesh… and and… [big beaming smile]

I’ve never been driven to find an audience, well, I used to be and then when it all turned to custard I never wanted to ever do this music thing again. It is still quite a wrench for me to put my music ‘out there’…