She thought to see Dragons

She thought to see Dragons
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Yes Emma! sounding great to me, well done.

TBH I still think the drums are a bit off time in sections BUT the timbre now suggests a “looser pattering” rather than a strident obvious rhythm so I wouldn’t see it as an issue. And I could be wrong anyway…

Sounds great!


Yes it’s sounding better. Drums are better. I tend to agree with FD that the drums in some sections still have an unusual timing, but for the flowy nature of this piece that’s always going to be a challenge.



Thanks heaps for getting back to me on this… so great to feel that I am on some sort of right track…
I’ll have to ‘rest’ it for a while… have this growing suspicion that I’ve gone down the wrong path with this song and that it actually wasn’t meant to sound like this at all…
hate it when that happens!

I suspect that the original recording is inherently flawed and just can’t quite cope with the drums that I really wanted to have with it… Still, on a positive, I have learned a heap more stuff! Thanks again - it is golden to get your feedback. Poor hubby is rolling his eyes at me on this one… He still can’t quite believe the time these things take and my obsessive angst… :slight_smile:


Okay, I’ve posted a mix 3, more for my own sense of ‘completion-ish’ than anything else…
I have made it a little more atmospheric, hopefully a little softer/darker and more ambience… ach well …:sweat_smile:
Well, I also found yet more dumb things I had to fix up so it’s good to have them done.
I’ve really struggled with this mix and am so very grateful to you guys for your kind support.
We may be a small site but the skillbase and support are AWESOME!! Thanks again!


It is sounding good. I am getting some buzziness going on when the song is hitting the limiter. Nothing to do with the mix me thinks but i am wondering if anybody else is getting it.


Hi I love the percussion now. Sounds like a perfect fit for this and the thought that is is not midi is to me just refreshing. I takes too long to hear your lovely voice…yes one minute. I also feel the first part should start out a little quieter and build. Might be too much going on there too. Many places your voice level was sacrificed by another instrument. I could list minutes and seconds if you would like. ha ha You know me Emma, I just babble.




I’ve listened to both mixes that you’ve given to us for a listen… mix 3 is a massive improvement and I echo quite a few of the sentiments expressed by our fellow musicians.

As there is not too much to add I’ll have a good read of the lyrics and give some thoughts on them…

For me this gives the song an Arthurian theme. I could picture dragons flying around the sky breathing fire only to be unseen by some fair maiden, followed by two good clichés about a broom, maybe a witch’s?

No there’s a word I’ve never heard of! Not that it matters… it fits in nicely!

Did you sing “biting” second time round? Could be my ageing ears playing tricks on me?

Quite a haunting verse that in many ways I can relate to! A day drowned at dawning. Many a time I have felt like this, dreading the day ahead and risks simply not paying off, just like this young lady is!

Quite apt for a few hours spent in the recording studio! My view is that if a musician is not prepared to take risks, then there’s no point being in there!

It’s a great ending to the song too, kinda summing up the rest of the lyrics!

A lovely piece of work. You are very talented and dare to do things differently :smiley:


My, Emma, that was magical for sure. Last year I saw Loreena for the first time playing in a three piece, and you take me back to that night. You share that celtic vision and yank it heartily into the modern era with nuance upon nuance. I find the big drums invigorating, either rocking out the authentic traditional sound or perhaps more reflecting the way it really was back then. I think the latter is most likely.

I think Bear McCreary also infuses that extra powerful electrified umph in his stuff such as on Outlander. You barely notice it, but you feel it.

The first version was so good I almost didn’t want to listen to the update, but fortunately to me the improvements were so subtle I accepted them all in stride.

I’m quite impressed with your making a drum and playing it so well. Too cool! The flute harmonies were loud but utterly tasteful. It is amazing how such a song can not be 300 years old…

And as always from you, your words are poems stolen from the renaissance of the art form, if I wasn’t told they weren’t. You were wonderful before, but I think you’re getting even better. Thank you, and keep it up!


Thanks so much for your lovely feedback Ailwyn, I so appreciate your thoughtful comments. It can be a strange lonely journey, crafting a song and then putting it out to the universe. And yes, sometimes I do make up words, or manipulate them to suit, like ‘forgettery’… and your ears did not deceive you with me singing different words :slight_smile:

Gosh it’s such a time since I saw Loreena live, have seen her a couple of times down here in NZ and loved the music. The first time was very acoustic and the second time she had quite a big band. I love that celtic fusion sound… Thank you so much for your wonderful comments. I know that my music can be a bit niche and it is so lovely when people ‘get’ the sounds. I did struggle terribly with that drum… while some instruments I can pick up and make an okay sound quite early on, drumming is, for me, an elusive and challenging thing!

For me, the words always come first in the song… they create the everything else, the melody, the instrumentation. Once again, thanks so much!


Oh! what a lovely surprise, I wasn’t expecting to hear something like this. Emma very nice. There are so many subtleties throughout the song and I like the work you did with the harmony’s. yes very good.
Think I’ll have another listen.


your voice is epic on this!
personally i`d skip the long intro and bring the vocal in sooner as thats the hook!
lovely arrangement and beautiful melody.
good work


to me the drums seem to accent a different beat than the piano and pull the melody like a tug of war, it could be me but i think the drums need to be started
on a different count. i could be wrong though, if its what you were going for then cool x


ignore me, just re listened and it must be my ears. i blame the wine. nothing wrong with the rhythm. sorry


This makes me want to ride a horse through the hills with a burlap sack of turnips.


@Emma, are any of your songs showing up on iTunes, Spotify, etc yet? They should be!!


Ahh that’s kind of you Bryan… I keep meaning to organise myself to do that but I haven’t got around to it yet… there’s that barrier of how to do it… maybe I’ll set up a new thread to help motivate me… Thanks for the nudge! :thinking:

Getting your music on iTunes, Spotify, etc

Somehow I missed this thread, but I DID just find your song on SoundCloud the other day. Brilliant songwriting! I particularly like this line: “the sweep of the bristle, the brushing of the broom”. And I love the Celtic/Loreena vibe too. Really nice - thanks for sharing it with us!


Just realised I’d not replied to all my bashes - apologies !

Hiya Daniel, I’d chattered to you on soundcloud but not here… thanks heaps for your kind words!!

Hey E… t’was very cool to read your words, yay… thanks!! Yeah I don’t usually ever have long intros, it just kinda grew and I left it there, I never really think about these things haha… and the drums ARE still wonky… I would have spent SO many endless hours doing them and re-doing them that in the end I sort of gave up… At the moment I can’t bear to listen to this song anymore, it’s gone to that ‘loathing’ stage alas… :slight_smile:

a burlap sack? hehe… ooh argh (spoken like a celtic pirate)… glad to have created such an image for you!

Hey there Mike,
that’s some lovely comments, thanks so very much!!



Emma, Emma, our lovely and talented Emma. If you are so good at other things that this would not be a priority, then you are even more talented than we know. I saw that you’re involved in another thread about this, so I’m glad you’re trying to figure it out.
The cool thing for you is that you have a distinctive style which will stand out to listeners, which should make it easier for you to find a micro market of ardent fans quickly and build on it. We would all love to be able to say we bashed your recordings before you conquered the world.
Let us know when you complete your mission, and keep up the great work.


O Styles…

THANKS… and aw shucks and sheesh… and and… [big beaming smile]

I’ve never been driven to find an audience, well, I used to be and then when it all turned to custard I never wanted to ever do this music thing again. It is still quite a wrench for me to put my music ‘out there’…