Seeking information on some early hardware

Seeking information on some early hardware

Hey all, just curious if anyone has either seen before, or knows anything about theses two pieces of hardware ive been in possession for quite some time now.First is a set of what appear to be early-ish(1980’s) speakers with large golden type plaques on the magnet side, obviously made in England.Im after any information at all that anyone might have regarding these speakers, especially if youve used/had some before and your experiences with them.Ive never wired these up, but i am about to finally, as im interested in the response they have when mic’d up.

The second bit of hardware is what appears like a splitter/loop box, judging by the amount of jacks and what it looks like inside. It says listening station, so was this a early headphone splitter box? If so, should operate at line level yeah?
I was able to get abit of information on the Axiom 201’s on the internet, but almost nothing on this audio box.

Any information is appreciated, also just general audio conversation is just as good.




Is that an AC power line coming into the side of that box? That thing looks dangerous!



Hey Ingolee, nah that cable goes to a male 1/4 and 3.5mm jack.I tried getting a signal through/out of it but got nothing eligible.

Its like some sort of splitter box where you would put in a signal and be able to route it out to multiple sources.

If anyone wants some more pictures to help figure out how to use it and what its function is, im more than happy to.




That splitter box seems to sum L+R together into a mono signal. It looks like all the signals go to only one side until a plug is placed in the single jack at the front. Some type of attenuation is happening to the signals on the near side of jacks.

Might be good to prop up a sofa with a leg missing, but without active signal splitting, I wouldn’t use it.

Here is a pdf file on the speakers:
Goodmans-Axiom-Audiom-brochure.pdf (692.0 KB)



Hey thanks for the PDF on them speakers mate, ill have a squiz at that.I appreciate it.

Yeah you sound pretty on the ball with what you think that box does.Still kind of interested in attempting to get a signal through it in the way its meant to function, just to know.

But, for the most part, think its going to be a paperweight as you suggest.

CHeers for the replies JayGee.



Let us know what you find with the box, it sounds like a fun project. I’m just taking a guess based off of a photo and could be completely wrong.
If nothing else, you have a project box with lots of headphones jacks.