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Yes - as I would expect in mics that are further away from the source.

For the snare drum, it looks even - again what I would expect with an evenly spaced pair.

Why do you ask?


I really like the structure of this.
Love thevway the guitar solo starts by massively pulling the beat then rips off. Awesome.

I like your? voice on this , the slight rasp you have added vocally works well.
Well sung.


Just trying to work out what I am hearing/not hearing. It’s pretty poor judgement to conclude that it’s not a real drummer when it actually is.

If the pair is spaced evenly for the snare then it is spaced unevenly for the rest of the kit, so there should be a delay between them when other elements of the kit are played.

I have spent a long time trying to deal with issue in the past, until eventually I came to the conclusion that it is one of the factors that actually contributes to a ‘real’ drum sound. I’m just wondering if the Roland overheads are true to life.


Thanks E - the vocals were challenging to try to get them the way I heard them in my head, but all in all, I think they came out reasonably well. Guitar solo was my Deusenberg on the front (P90 style) pickup.

The Roland kit sounds don’t figure here, as I’m not using them, but having mixed many a live drum kit, the Superior Drummer 2 output that I did use is captured and presented in the same way as a live kit, with all the inherent quirks and delays that involves.


Hi Andrew, I agree with @steban this recording is very tight, nice control, the timing is spot on and the song varies enough not to be tiring. I like the definition in the song structure. You have good emphasis where needed. Seems to me you know what you’re doing. The sound levels are good. well done.


Thanks Daniel - I appreciate the listen and comment!


Hi all! Thanks for all the listens and help with this. I’ve done another mix with some fairly subtle changes below. I’d appreciate it if you could let me know your thoughts on how it sounds. Thanks.


O yes!!!.. just listening on earbuds tonight… sounding AWESOME Andrew… wonderful tapestry of sound, a delight to listen to… light and yet full, love it… the light and shade within the mix are fantastic… love the subtle tweaks… :beerbang:


Sounds great to me!! Stamp that puppy! :rocket::tada:


just listening again through speakers and sub.
your low end is awesome!
you really have mastered that tight low end control.
the low mids of the guitars and the bass and kick all gel perfectly together!
damn you and your wizardry. what magic is this? lol


Thanks Emma - good to know it sounds alright on earbuds too!

Thanks Dave - much appreciated!

Hey E! Thanks for checking it on your system - good to know it translates ok. Thanks mate!


Spicy Noi! :smile:

Firstly …a great Rev update Andrew! … Nice one. In the second verse the delayed trails could they repeat a few more times perhaps… Other then that…done i reckon!


Thanks Chris! Do you mean the delay trails on the guitar or on the vocals?


Hi Andrew, the guitars i thought… sounding great though.


Cheers Chris - Glad you clarified that - my first thought was that you were referring to the vocal throws, and then I realised there was delay happening on the guitar that was even more obvious!

I can’t automate that delay time, as it is “baked in” to the recording. I do like just the 3 clear repeats outlining the “three against four” feel - I was thinking “The Police” with that… If I increases the feedback on the delay, I think it might give more of a “dub reggae” feeling to it - cool idea, though!


Ha ha … yeah yes it reminded me of that era too! Early Police , English stuff. What DR (dynamic range) did you work towards by the way? Do you tend to Master it in the same session?. I alway run the Final mix out to Wavelab then Master it from there. Just interested in what others might do?


I usually work to around -10 LUFS. This one had a few quiet sections in it, so it came out around -11LUFS, but the final choruses are hitting pretty loud - usually around -8 or -7dB RMS. Dynamic arrangements tend to be the key in finding the balance between loudness and not getting an overly squashed-sounding mix.

That said, a big part of achieving healthy levels and the kind of “density” that modern mixes have is fairly stringent dynamic control before the mix even hits the master processors. For example: Most of the time, my mixes are hitting about -15 to 12 RMSFS at the loudest sections of the track even before any (master) compression or limiting is applied. I find, if you can retain good transient response with that kind of density, it bodes well for when you apply limiters and the like.

Yeah, I’m lazy that way - once I get a collection of songs, I’ll take the unmastered files and master them together, but just for individual mixes, I throw some master eq and limiting on the whole shebang. I used to master each song in a separate session, but once I got a faster computer with more CPU, I got lazy. I still think giving the mix a rest and mastering the song in a new session the next day is a far more objective approach that yields better results. I just get impatient and lazy when I finally finish a mix!


Sounds great. Interesting note choices in the solo, kind of a refined chaos. Everything exactly in its place, as usual. It’s a great composition, and you’re becoming a master of the hard turn into the chorus; first time it sounds strange, then it fits, then you smile at it.

After two listens, v2 and v3, the only thing I can say that caught my ear is the way the vocals stand out in verse one. Once the elements are added in the second verse, the voice is sitting perfectly, and stays there throughout. That’s just a personal preference thing.

You’re the drummer too? Between guitar, drums, vocals, engineering and production, how did you ever find time to learn how to speak?


I would say for me this is an improvement. I didn’t A B so maybe it is just different day different ears but I am liking it. Thanks for sharing.


Cool - I like that description…

Yeah, it’s strange - I’m honestly not consciously trying to be weird - it just happens!

Do you think the vocal could come down a bit in the first verse? I wanted to have a really clear and intimate vibe there - I may have overdone it…

As someone once said: “As a drummer, you make a great guitarist” :smirk:

Thanks for the follow up listen, Eric! :+1: