Salem UK - Betrayed

Salem UK - Betrayed


Yeah it’s 32 bit only. It comes as standard with Mixcraft.


Here you go Stan


Wow, thanks! It gave me a downloaded file of Classic Chorus.[gobbleteegook], a bunch of weird characters for a file extention, but I changed it to .dll and dropped it in my 32-bit folder and voila! Solid El-Bass is gonna get a workout! :beerbanger:


Ah, pffft. Now I see that I already had the freakin plugin! I happened to get Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio about a year ago on a Black Friday sale. I have used it a few times, but haven’t explored it as much as I could. Something I have been meaning to do. It’s stronger on stock virtual instruments than Reaper, which I like, plus it had Melodyne ARA integrated at the time I bought it (Reaper is close to having ARA but not sure if they’re there yet).

If you happen to know, is Mixcraft all 32-bit plugins? I have been confused, as the app seems to be 64-bit but the plugins seem to all (or most) be 32-bit. I flagged the Mixcraft plugin directory in my Reaper path, so they show up there too, and almost always as (x86).


At a guess it’s probably about 50/50 these days. Mixcraft 64 bit has a background 32 bit wrapper, so you can use the 64 bit version with any plugin - you don’t notice any difference. (Unless you have a shedload of tracks with a shedload of 32-bit plugins, then the DAW strats feezing up sometimes).


Sorry to hear about your band troubles, but glad you got it resolved.
Great song and great production qualities.


Thank you very much!


Could be my system, but the kic could use some work just to get it to cut some, but other than that it sounds great so far!


Anyone else think the kick is not cutting through?


Listening with my Sony MDR-7506 cans… I wouldn’t have picked out any issues with the kick. But focusing on it specifically, it wouldn’t be amiss if its attack were just a tad more prominent while the wall of guitar sound is happening-- at the quieter juncture (2 min mark) it’s cutting through just fine.



OK thank you Dave I’ll check it out.


Hey, cool song but not that cool story around it :confused:
Regarding the mix, I found it pretty solid and everything is right to me, only matter of taste.
I would prefer louder guitars (too shy to me) and less bass guitar since that last one really cuts thru the mix.

Really nice job and nice song too!