Rush Style Song :beerbanger: :beerbanger: :beerbanger: :beerbanger: :beerbanger::beerbanger: :beerbanger: :beerbanger: :beerbanger: :beerbanger:

Rush Style Song :beerbanger: :beerbanger: :beerbanger: :beerbanger: :beerbanger::beerbanger: :beerbanger: :beerbanger: :beerbanger: :beerbanger:


Or a fold out album cover for Stand Up featuring a pop up cucumber.


I’ll be disappointed if it doesn’t include the Zimbabwe Swamp Cannon.


I have a lot of reference CD’s for this one. Moving Pictures, Grace Under Pressure, and Power Windows are West German pressings, and they’re all the original pressings. I’ve also got All the World’s A Stage and Caress of Steel on vinyl. I have some background on how their lyrics are.


Nice collection!
Good to see you have the best ever rush release amoungst them :muscle:t2::smiley:

Exit stage left!!! Awesome, for about 4 years that was all i needed in my car.


No kidding. Those first three are hard to find, especially the first one (probably because there’s no Neil Peart). No booklets in the first three, the covers are front and back. Mercury Records is always half-assing everything. I feel bad for John Rutsey, he was a great drummer replaced by the best drummer. RIP.


I’ve been meaning to tell you how much I love your username. Anyway, per request.

The Wizard’s Codpiece Speaks

Verse 1
Between the legs that stood like trees
Steady maples strong and sturdy
Lived a sentient codpiece under balls
He belonged to a wizard, whose penis was not small

The Wizard’s codpiece has spoken
Bow before him, and take heed
For he shall bestow upon you
A golden shower of wisdom, and truth

Verse 2
The codpiece had stipulations for its use
Circumcision was required, you must be a Jew!
For the codpiece was worn once by Judas himself
He’d inherited the powers of Jesus, and amassed great wealth

With foreskin removed, and kosher to spare
The codpiece reveals to you, the secrets of life
You also must shave, your luxurious pubic hair
If you wish to articulate the message without strife

The Wizard’s codpiece has spoken
Bow before him, and take heed
For he shall bestow upon you
A golden shower of wisdom, and truth

The codpiece is noble, he does as he pleases
Your dick must not smell, like common cheeses
Through the chalice of Tibet, drink the sperm
It is the only way, in which you will learn


I’ve been meaning to tell you how much I love your username

And I have been meaning to tell you I admire your bravery in using your real name as your user name.

I would also suggest using schlong where appropriate, due to the easier rhyme and pentameter it offers. (Long, belong, strong, gong, bong, dong, silk thong, throng, etc. etc.). The less anatomically correct euphemisms leave more room for the fair maidens to interpret the message without being repulsed. Pork sword also comes to mind. Carry on.




@Emma, my beautiful friend, I hereby formally request your assistance. I believe that a female voice singing all of this crass material would significantly increase the humor factor. My fair maiden, I believe that you have the chops to do it! If you haven’t read up, we’re going to make a concept album based on dirty lyrics in the style of Rush. Once @Wicked, @Stan_Halen, and @BigAlRocks, (if he wants a piece of the action) become available, we will set this thing in motion!


Ahhh @Clownpenis.fart , you sweet talking charmer you…
I am not taking on any new projects at the moment sorry…
plus at the moment my voice has almost completely vanished
[croak croak]


@Cristina has expressed interest in the project. I hope after reading the lyrics and our overall objective it stays that way. We are horrible people. Feel free to reword anything you wanna Cristina, you’re the singer. You’ve the power.


You looking for a cowbell player?


Hellz yeah. Xanadu style.


I think those were Temple Blocks, not cowbells. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh, I thought those sounds were made by the drips of water, in the caves of ice, that they speak of in the song. :grinning:


Ha, I thought it was Neil thinking “what the hell do I do to make it sound mystical and awesome?” :grin::wink: Maybe I watched too many episodes of Behind the Music. :slightly_smiling_face:


And he, Geddy and Alex did a great job making it sound mystical and awesome. I love that album! My favourite RUSH album.


We’re on a budget here.


Shit. He said Xanadu and I was thinking Olivia Newton John & Jeff Lynne.


I can see you’re way cooler than us.