redworks_REDs one and only take

redworks_REDs one and only take


I liked the drums mixing, very punchy and clear!

I think the backing vocals are a bit loud.

The guitar solo tone is dry, but very nice.



Thanks @Pingafuego for the feedback.


I love what you did with the palm muted guitars. fuck yes. The choruses also sound huge and I love it.

I think I can get behind the volume of the solo (kinda hella high though), but the delay in the break before the last verse could use some tweaking. I might bring the volume down and pan it hard left and then immediatly hard right (no transition).


Thanks for the feedback. I did go crazy with my automation and should have checked it better. Nice idea with the delay because i really want something there but you are right it doesn’t sit just right as is. Thanks.


Overall nice.

As mentioned +1 on the snare

The last chorus seemed the best overall sound with the parts coming together as far as balance between voxs and instruments. I don’t know if you were doing something different on the chorus each time it came around, or it was my imagination.

I had a hard time with the rhythm guitar on the right being that loud.

I couldn’t hear enough bass, but I am on a laptop with low quality headphones.


Thanks for the feedback.

I think the only that was different was the automation and it is definitely better on the last chorus.