Questions for flutecafe

Questions for flutecafe
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Nope. It doesn’t. I’ve been running LINQpad on PC with Parallels just so I can follow the content in the instructional courses. I’ll make do with it until something better comes along. Thanks though! I’d never heard of Dot Net Fiddle. Looks like a great companion to PasteBin! :smiley:

I’m migrating the game audio world…learning code to keep my head above water in the workflow.


That’s an interesting thought. Seems people with a knack for technology would gravitate toward an artistic outlet for the technology, but I can’t see how music and computer science have any more or less in common than music and natural science.

Yet there do seem to be certain non arts professions that employ a higher percentage of musically gifted individuals. A surprising number of church pastors I’ve worked with were semi-pro level musicians. I’ve known a lot of guys in the construction field to be highly musically adept. Now I wouldn’t say the same about bankers and finance guys. A lot of musicians leave music to into these switch careers, though many of them continue to play semi-professionally. Different story. And I wouldn’t draw any correlation between cleaning/maintenance and music for the same reason I wouldn’t correlate restaurant waiters/waitresses with a high percentage of musically inclined individuals. If they aspire to be pros, those are more often musicians surviving until they can get their careers going. Different scenario there too.


My best guess is that engineering in general is about creating stuff, and music seems to be a pretty good avenue for creating stuff.

My guess here is that this is more along the performance/entertainment drive.


Very possible. I’ve thought of engineering (talking computer here, not mechanical engineering), as designing and implementing models. But there are people who are horrible with conceptual and abstract thought that are good musicians.

I see a strong right brain/left brain dichotomy here, when it comes to design and problem solving. From everything I’ve seen, musicians can thrive on being highly dominant on either hemisphere, where as programming almost requires someone to be left side dominant. If I try and defend this observation, I need to exclude graphic artists, animators, visual effects designers etc…but those guys are clearly more on the artistic side of the computer engineering spectrum if you ask me.

I can’t explain this though: Right brainers that make it in the sound engineering field are rare. Yet out of the group that has, many are female. Why??? What’s up with that?


worked for Blizzard for a while :slight_smile: done quite a bit of graphic / animation/ 3d modeling work there. I enjoyed it quite a bit. I prefer creative software work over structural however my main drive is towards mathematics in general which has been the baseline of a lot of things I liked, which could explain a strong inclination to music.

I personally have met people from all kinds of spectrum, financial, construction work, doctors, teachers who have a gifted level of genius in music. I think inclination to music has a deeper connection to the self-image. Self awareness in general.

cant help but comment on it from a mathematics perspective - not enough Data to make that assumption grins

If the right - left brain hypotheses were to be true, it would come with more exceptions than rules. Neuroscience has not yet been able to link hemisphere based activity to how your neural network gets trained.


I’d grant you’re correct on the second part…that there’s not enough data. Would you agree with the first part though?


I’ll stick my hand up and also admit to being a developer… :no_mouth:


not sure, right left brain idea is not developed enough to make any kind of deduction. If it was there would be more exceptions to it that would be cause to go back to the drawing board.


I think Michelle answered pretty much everything, what I might add is that we found a niche, an entry point and just floored the gas pedal. I think we have cornered our future market as Michelle said ‘soundtracks’ and potentially working with movies. Will see!