Question for rock guys - Do people still play this type of drumbeat?

Question for rock guys - Do people still play this type of drumbeat?
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There is a lot of metal stuff that just doesn’t seem heavy anymore. It is laughable with growling lyrics and blast beats through the entire album. Band after band sounding the same. There are some that use growling and blast beats in ways that seem heavy because, as mentioned above, they have dynamics. Constant anything that doesn’t change loses emotional connection. If your playing for sport, to see who can growl the longest and play the fastest, I am not interested.


lol…the video was a little silly…I thought the drums/bass/guitars were mixed nicely…but I don’t know a whole lot about this stuff.

I guess when its something you have’t heard a lot of before its rather intriguing. But I can see what you’re saying…would probably be for you like trap music would be for me. That stuff made me so tired of recording I almost quit because I was loosing my sanity.


I’m in the same boat. I love metal. Growly vocals just sound so dorky to me, unless they are in very small doses. It just sounds like cookie monster to me. I generally like the instrumentation that goes along with it, but I can’t justify sitting through the growls to listen to the instrumentation.

Same with blast beats. I like them in small doses. But an entire song (or worse, and entire album) where the drummer is just in blast mode the entire time gets old really fast. I mean, it’s impressive from a stamina perspective, but if I wanted that, I would find just as much in watching a marathon.


Yeah, the growly stuff gets old real fast. I think many of these bands sell themselves short by sacrificing the melodic content of vocals and rhythmic diversity of the drums in an attempt to be ‘brutal’. There has to be something in the music to hold my attention when there is a lot of ‘cookie monster’ going on. So many times I’ve heard music I like but then the growling starts and ruins it. A good example is a band called ‘Omnium Gatherum.’ I generally like their music but sure wish they had a guy who could actually sing.