Preliminary Mix of the Last Song from My Next Album

Thanks, yes I’m slow, and I know it… and I don’t care - I made a vow to myself to not be conTENT with CONtent. This is a hobby, not a job for me. My time to spend on music is extremely limited…Even then, sometimes when I do have some spare time, I’m so tired, I can’t bring myself to work on it. But I refuse to compromise until I’m satisfied with the result.

If you can point out anything specific you are hearing, that would be helpful. I’m past the point of being that objective with my vocals (I hate them all, TBH). FWIW, I don’t feel like I’m straining anywhere in the this song. It all fits very comfortably in my vocal range. Of course, that is my perception - and why I need specifics to help me hear what you may be hearing.

Thanks, good to know.

Thanks…I got VSX as a backup plan in case I had to move out of my current residence… For the present, I’m mixing on my studio monitors and sub, using room correction by Sonarworks. Car speaker checks still are the final arbiter for low end for me.

Thanks again for listening and commenting- much appreciated!


after 3:51ish to 4:05ish:, the tone gets a bit pointy. the vocals are high, but it is possible something else is adding to it.

gave a listen again: I think some resonance from the background vocals layering with the lead. Maybe a gentle hf roll off on the harmonies there? I also have some “extra” upper hearing limit so it is entirely possible that I am sensitive to that tone.

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Thanks Michelle, I really appreciate you taking the time to check it out and report back!

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