Prechorus vs bridge vs middle 8

Prechorus vs bridge vs middle 8
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High N Dry is my favourite Def Leppard album. I remember cruising around with my older brother in his car playing Def Leppard-High N Dry, The Scorpions-Virgin Killers, Motorhead and Judas Priest-Point Of Entry in the summer of 1982. That was the year I was first introduced to all those bands.

That same summer me and my older brother were in a Metal/Punk band and one of the songs we played was Let It Go (Def Leppard). Our band played an outdoor show on Canada day with the then unknown Shania Twain on the same bill. Her band Longshot were the headliners and they played all pop-rock music. Songs from Pat Benatar, Toronto, Loverboy, etc. I was kind of struck by how attractive she was back then.


I used to think that the bridge was right before the chorus (also called the change in the middle of the song “the bridge”). That’s what we used to call it but in recent years I’ve been referring to it as the pre-chorus.


Yeah, High N Dry is my favorite too! And Point Of Entry is one of my favorite Priest albums, though it was quite a departure from their previous stuff. So much so that the critics blasted it terribly and fan response was generally pretty weak. It still rocked, but it was a more thoughtful and laid back thing for them which was really cool IMO.

Ha, cool! I like Shania, though not so much for her country/pop music but just who she is. And how she bounced back after her divorce from Mutt Lange, he really did her wrong. He’s both hero and bastard now, that’s a tough one to reconcile.


Here’s an easy one to categorize: I’ve Just Seen A Face by the Beatles. Verse followed by pre-chorus where McCartney sings or hums syllables instead of words, followed by chorus, then another verse and pre-chorus, then chorus, then a middle eight guitar break repeating the theme of the verse, with the end of the guitar break duplicating the pre-chorus, then back to the chorus. Fairly classic earlier Beatles arrangement.
Dave, there are no Beatles coming back anytime soon. I would think for someone involved in the space program you would be more inclined to develop a completely new song format, and in the words of Ralph Kramden, take it “To the moon, Alice”.


Martian Boogie?


Bob, this is a GREAT example, thank you! And the best part is that I know this song so well that I can hear it in my head on demand and followed your description to a tee! :beerbang:


My pleasure, sir. Now you can write a song about GAIA, with saucers coming out of middle earth, and figuring out a proper song structure to get aliens to want to do the love thang. Stretch out a little and take one giant step for music.


Sure, no pressure or anything…! :rocket: :alien: