Plugin naming contest

Plugin naming contest
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hah… weird… just tried again after I’d double checked and posted that and now it works fine…
[puzzled smilie]


beat weaver
turd pollisher
Transi Aunt
sonic flap vibrator
panties off







Yay for planetary!


Donatello - you know like the sculptor not the turtle


Short term memory loss
Fleeting with disaster
Ephemeral exciter



somebody has a lot of spare time on their hands!


shape shifter
tone zoner
beat carver


Winner, Winner… !!!
Although I double dog dare Mr Boz to name it[quote=“LazyE, post:22, topic:479”]
panties off


I got so much hate mail for naming my last plugin The Wall. I can only imagine what I’d get if I did anything like that.


…but the wicked graphics though…? Come on!!


Wow… really? for The Wall?
I guess that’s why Neve just went with model numbers. :slight_smile:


well lets be more gentlemanly and english in the naming then…

rhythm enhancer
sound a scope
sonic whittler
dynamic chisel
sonic prime
transient designer
rhythmic eq
extra eq
the EQ lazer
prime wave
crusty bell end cheese grater


loving your dedication to the hard sell lol


although my chain of thought goes:

donatello - turtle - turtle head - turd.



I don’t even want to know what that is!


@bozmillar Did you make it with or consider a mix knob / control ? I don’t see one, lol
To bring back some of the original Transient, and / or Eq moves, both or only one

A parallel on the transient and / or EQ consideration process, all in one plugin,?

and @cptfiasco gave me the idea of PercaDilly

And the Idea of Parallel could be an upgrade from PercaDilly to Big PercaDilly, ???
or maybe
Perfect Tail,
Tail FreQ lol,

But I am serious about the parellel thing,
Is it a good idea ?


It does have a mix knob. I added it after I took that screenshot.