Please bash my orchestral piece

Please bash my orchestral piece

I still put myself in the amateur composer category. The field is just so vast. Humility comes with merely stepping into the realm of Orchestral compositions. My workflow normally starts on a sketchpad, moves on to a defined musescore. I still gravitate towards Musecore early in the concept because its free and its flexible. NP is indeed a great innovation and a good way to conceptualize what the final product will be.

Musescore is a wonderful program with a lot of users, it’s great to have it around. Sibelius is over priced and can be troublesome but that, Finale and Dorico are the only way to get Noteperformer and I wouldn’t be posting anything orchestral without that at this point. Supposedly NP was trying to get Musescore to get on board but it’s not happening as far as I know.

I know pros who are not very good and amateurs who are better so the whole concept is kind of useless. You have a great approach to the whole thing, I never would have gotten that far.

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