Personality mixed by BengtS

Personality mixed by BengtS


You are very welcome :slight_smile:


The vocals sound great and you definitely nailed the “big” part.
As for my sugestions:

there’s so much compression on the mix that the dynamics of the chorus/verse/chorus arrangement are diminished, I took this clip where you’ll hear that once the intro finishes and the rythm guitar comes in, it sounds apparently louder than the full mix with drums on it.

The kick is a bit thuddy, you could add a bit more of the beater sound to it and you could bring it down in the mix and it will still be audible.
I think you could add more midrange to the bass so it holds its own against the kick, 1 or 2 db at 500hz would round out it’s tone a bit more.
The drum cymbals are a little piercing to my ears but backing off the compression on the track should even them out a bit.
The guitars are very bright, but I like them so its really a matter of taste.

Thanks for letting us listen!


Good thumping drums. The energy is good and the vocals in the verse is good. I am think that in chorus the vocal sounds thin and weak. I am thinking that you have eq’d it that way to get it to cut through all of the guitars. I think putting a little more thickness in the vocals in the chorus would help. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for your comments @tachin1 .

As @ColdRoomStudio pointed out, I mixed with my heart and not with my head. Therefore, I accepted some problems to get the feeling I wanted. I find this music really speaks to me and I really wanted to transform what I felt into my mix.

Having said that, you are absolutely right! There are mix problems in there. I have since tried to look at those problem areas and I plan to upload the result shortly.

The problem is that the range 150-400 Hz is very crouded. In order to add something in that area, like kick or base, I have to take something out. Well, as it is already muddy in that area, I should reduce something, anyway. However, I have to be careful, not to loose the feel of the song by doing so.

There is an abundance of cymbals / hi hats in most microphones from the kit, making them rather difficult to handle. At the moment, I am thinking of reducing mainly the room. Lets see if it works.

Thanks for listening!


Well, I wouldn´t go as far as saying there are problems, its just an outsiders opinion, I’m certainly no expert, but that´s how we learn I guess!

It’s tricky to be sure, which is why I recommended adding mid range to the bass so it doesn’t depend exclusively on the very low end to be heard and or felt, 500 to 600 hz should give you some extra roundness to fill it out.