Not excatly new - but maybe new again (!)

Not excatly new - but maybe new again (!)

Hi to anyone who remembers me at this stage!

Been away for quite a while - long story, nightmare work situation now at least partially resolved…

Anyway, getting back into home recording after a long hiatus and look forward to contributing ill-informed, totally unprofessional but from the heart comments in the near future :slight_smile:




Welcome… I wondered where you were and what you were up to… great to see you again!!

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Welcome back.

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Thanks guys - it all feels strangely familiar!
But the big question - is Shackman (or whatever he is currently calling himself) still around?
Anyone heard from Brandon recently?



If I remember correctly, Shackman was banned for 1000 years.
It’s been a long time since Brandon has been here.

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re: shackman

I didn’t know what happened with him, but Alnwick is a funny little northern town in England… I assume he was from there, its on the River Coquet.

It even has a pub called The Dirty Bottles, they’ve (the bottles) been in the pub front window for over 200 years or something, and never been cleaned.

Spooky, huh… ?

Harry Potter was also filmed there, not in the pub, but in the castle- which is magnificent, so no surprise really :wink:

Sorry, welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:



Count me in on the welcome wagon party.

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dude, you need a backstory… just kiddin :wink:

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My back was out after heavy lifting, but better today. Thanks for caring



Awesome :wink:



Welcome back FD!

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Thanks guys! Hope to be more active in the near future.
What about Patrick (French but living in Canada) is he still about? Chordwainer? Sven?



Welcome back. Patrick is busy making albums but shows up from time to time with a beard.

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All 3 are still here. Chordwainer and Sven are on here regularly and it looks like Ptalbot (Patrick?) is on here right now.

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Hey firedance.
Seems like it’s been hard for a bunch of us to be as regular forum members like we used to. I’m here sporadically, always with the intent to get back a little more regularly.
So good to see most people still get on here even if it’s only every now and then.

Speaking of Brandon, if anyone has his email address, could you please message me. He actually hosts a couple of websites for me - since we stopped rr his old email does not work and I’d like to reimburse him (and make sure I don’t lose my stuff if he pulls the plug!!).

Obviously, he is not an easy person to track down!!!
Anyway, good to see you again!



Firedance!! How did I miss this thread? So great to see you again!

(And you too danman!)



Thanks guys! and despite all this, still nothing from me in three weeks lol
Hopefully this will change soon … anyway, great to see a few regulars still here!!



Always great to add veterans to the team!

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