Newbie topics

Newbie topics
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I’m not sure about this. I guess a newbie always NEEDS to know curtain stuff, but maybe its the way it is presented that make them come to a forum or not. Maybe the video tutorials have pushed forum use aside?


I just thought of this too…why are we tar getting that specific user demographic? Could it be possible that our strength is dialog with more advanced users…or at least ones that already know how to set up a mic, an interface and a daw? Just an idea.


I’m sorry, but my language barrier makes me not understand that sentence very well :smiley:


I think the main reason to target new users is because it’s the most information needy target. Once you get the basics down, the “what to do next” becomes a lot more complicated because it depends a lot on your very specific needs. There are entire forums dedicated to small niches once you get past entry level.

I guess a better question is, what do we actually specialize in here? I personally think our main advantage (and possibly disadvantage) is our ability to have level headed conversations on just about anything. Aside from a couple people, flame wars are rare. But that’s a tough one because drama is pretty good at getting people emotionally invested in something.

Even when we have a thread titled “Why do your songs suck” we get a whole bunch of responses from people explaining why their songs suck.

So I think we naturally kind of gravitate towards the “we can teach you how to get up and running without any drama” side of the teaching because it’s sort of a natural thing for most of us to be able to do. Whether it’s the best thing is a different question, but it is something that we could do well.


Why not instead of rattling off loads of do’s and don’t do’s create a more interactive experience?

By that i mean have a thread entitled something like ‘questions and answers’ or ‘newbie answers’ etc.

Instead of just lists and lists of boring stuff that as a beginner is hard to read through, have a trusted list of members who have volunteered and gave a little bio next to their name.
Example :

Boz- plug in desinger, pianist, mix engineer,
Blah blah blah years etc.
Areas of expertise…

With a few of these as choices they can select one and ask them a direct question, this can start a thread that only certain people are able to post in unless the thread is made ‘open to all’ by the chosen guru?
Then state something like ‘all questions here will be answered by your chosen forum member within 48 hrs’