Need help please

Hey guys its been a while , how are you all?

I have this new client and I just finished mixing this song for them.

My ears are so tired that i couldnt tell what goin on with the mix anymore. I hope you could help me out

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Hi I’m not usually much help. I did have a hard time hearing the lyrics AT ALL :slight_smile: Like everything about this tho. The intro was very cool, however it did take a long to get to the singing. Some good riffs in there. I have never had to turn my volume down this much. So powerful. Hope others can help you more.




Hi paul. yes i thought so too. I did another mix. thanks for the input.
I have updated the attachment

I’m not listening on a good set up. I’ll give you more detailed feedback then, but one thing I can say is that there’s a bit too much attack on the snare, it is a little grating. Just what I could discern from a shit playback.

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Listening from my phone at the moment, but I hear some fantastic opportunity for more automation in this mix. Sounds like it’d be a really fun one to mix!!
I’ll check it out on my system and see if I can offer some more on the mix. Thanks for sharing this!!

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thank you guys! i’d really appreciate it if you can give some in depth advise later. cheers!

Hey Brian - good to hear from your again!..Ok, having a listen now:

  • The vocals are still too low in the mix/not present enough - they really need more volume and bite to compete with the aggressive musical backing. Maybe some saturation would help.

  • The mix has a buildup in the lows and low mids that is really clouding everything. I tried cutting around 100hz by 2.8dB and 220 hz by around 2.2dB and things cleared up massively.

  • The low end of the kick drum is getting swallowed by the bass. As a result the kick sounds weak in comparison to the huge meaty snare you have going. I reckon this is related to the 100/220hz buildup - you need to clear out some space in one of the low end elements there to get some clarity, separation and punch happening with the kick.

Hope that helps!

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Hey andrew whats up! :slight_smile:

thanks for the in depth tips. I already sidechained the bass to the kick but i guess it still didnt cut it.

100 and 220hz noted. I’ll look for the culprits in the multitracks. super thanks for the in depth tips. youre awesome as always \m/

You’ve got a lot to work with on this one, and with a little polish it will be another massive mix from you. I agree with the level on the main vocal, when the screams come in they make the main vocal sound small in comparison. ( I don’t mean when they are happening at the same time, the main vocal could come up a good bit to balance things better).
The mix is pretty dark and murky, which matches the feel of the song, but you might want to look at opening the high end up on the vocals just a bit for some contrast to the guitars, which may also solve some of the level issues on the vocals. When I turn this down low, the voice goes before the guitars go, but it isn’t off by much. Great job, give your ears a rest, and I’m sure you will tweak it into perfection.

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I also agree about the vocal level. The bass in the chorus could use some upper mids and sub work in to take some of the rumble out. Looking forward to the revision.
Nice job!

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Hey, another cool song here!
From what I heard (so the updated mix I think), the lead vocal is still a bit shy in the mix to me. For instance, BV feel “stronger” than her :confused: (I think it’s not the main idea).
I also found that kick drum isn’t that “kicky” and lacks of attack or maybe beater sound.
Maybe the low synth sound eats too much room on low end of plays too hard on your 2buss chain. Some multi-band comp could handle that and let everything else that way.

Here are my $0.02 :slight_smile:

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Hey guys if incase you want to hear the final mix (so far) I’ve just uploaded it. @ncls @Jerze @StylesBitchley @ColdRoomStudio @holster @CPF @feaker

I’m way late but Damn that is kicking,very nice job! What are you using on the 2 buss?

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Hi @Jerze thank you very much. Heres the mastering chain -

1: brickwall limiter (G-Clip) to chop off kick and snare peaks
2. prametric eq - very steep hi pass around 24hz and low pass at 18.5k
3. Izotope ozone 5. Im using the compressor and exciter and maximizer.
4 Classic master limiter to about -.5db gain reduction to add color to song.
5. Gclip again to chop off unwanted peaks.
6 Fab Filter pro L at -.8db RMS

I think thats about it.
The song has already been released last month and is pretty much gaining local success. Congrats to the band and thank you guys for helping me improve the mix. You are THE best!
If you want to check them out, here’s the link


Hey Brian thanks for the info. Good to hear the band is doing well, hopefully it well bring in more mixing work for you.

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I hope so too. thanks man. cheers!

love it, the verses seem to be my favorite, the bridge is interesting, the chorus seems to fight a bit, imo…vocals vs background gear… alot of things going on in the midrange