My Compressor Has More Mojo Than Yours or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Jonathan

My Compressor Has More Mojo Than Yours or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Jonathan
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Hey, Bitch(ley), what are your favorite sounding records that you think have gotten everything right?


The closest you can get to me might be Aja, by Steely Dan. I’m not some analog snob, because I’ve always listened to what I like whether it be Robin Trower or Miles Davis. I have to like the music first, the technicalities of how it was recorded only interest me if I like it.


Yeah, you are right on both counts. I think people gave too much credit to the word "digital and lost sight of how things were made to sound good. My point is you can make things sound good in lots of different ways, and if you are good at it, you’ll know why you chose what to use and know how to use it.


Because to their mind it is magic when it comes together. But they don’t know what exactly it took. What, do you want folks to say it is the “je ne sais quoi” ?


I prefer the term audiogasmic.



I was surfing moon rock porn and this post came up and I thought “hey!! Ive been here before.”

I dont know how a correct shootout is done anymore. I do laugh at the Anderton dudes with blindfolds on that can tell the Fenders apart and end up choosing which one feels the best with a blindfold on, they havent done Moon Rock Dildos yet but that might be a laugh.

What is it the gear is supposed to do? Its said dont bother solo tracking because in the mix everythings totally different anyway, so solo is a waste of time. Then its also a shootout where the eng does everything flat and compares but this isnt the real world either as soon it has compression on it and maybe other crap like eq and autotune and verbs…so who cares if the flat comparisons of dryness mean anything?
Then we can do the approach where we painstakingly eq and add FX to make two things sound the same which is about as meaningless.

So then today right now Im thinking “lazy”… good gear , holy grail moon rock dildoness must be based on being lazy and that means it can get to a great sound easily, without effort and like a good mic that doesnt need eq and a compressor that works great for tracking might suck for mixing moon rock dildo’s new album.

maybe Moon Rock Dildo’s says it all, I cant top that.


I think the overtones and all the harmonics matter… it can be oversold too.
I doubt we can have sanity.

Is it the analog penus size thats emulated or not what determines the Mojo?
Im getting confused on all the terminology analogys of moon rock dildos and emulated penus plug ins but …

i forgot what I could add to this topic.

I was thinking sometimes we can feel like the govenors daughter in the well, of silence of the lambs, when the marketing guy Wild Bill is yelling “she puts the lotion on!!” like “she puts the 1176 on!! and 1073!!” all the time. But then if you’ve seen the movie Joe Dirt, he instead enjoys being in the well and asks wild bill for more lotion and different Auto Trader magazine.


@CCbro Scott, you may not have realized we had to toss CPF from the forum?

I believe he was referring to how insane the hype around some tools receive - analog or digital…

…and how some of it he believed to be unwarranted and over rated for some pieces of gear.

I’ve never seen the movie, so I’m not sure what you meant by the context. If someone yells “1176 + 1073”, that can go two ways. One guy says ‘meh, how generic. So what?’. Other guys says ‘wow…that’s a match made in heaven! I want that too!’

I’m of the opinion that certain compressors do have more mojo for certain sources. I’m loving that UAD Tube Tech CL1B on vocals at the moment! Still using the UAD Manley VoxBox on vocals often too!


of course theres real “mojo” that was determined 30yrs ago …LA2A dirt or the ALL-IN 1176 is famous for the sound standard on a lot of recordings. not to be confused with all the clean compressors. but everyone knows that its (mojo-dirt)in a million articles by the past and present studio dudes.

but the hype can get crazy if theres like eight Elvis impersonators and they all claim to be better than the other, but really all based off the same thing. How could a person try all of them? Who would want to? How can a person really tell which Elvis impersonator has the most mojo? subjective… its like PaulReedSmith making a Fender Stratocaster but with their own headstock for John Mayer… its still kind of a idea based on an idea of an idea.
I finally broke down and got a LA610mk2 and wanted to compare to my free LA2A plugin.
The Emperical Lab MikeE is the best strip Ive played around with yet…it can go from this large clean to grunge Nirvana easily…a great designed unit imo…ymmv.

the movie analogy joke doesnt work if you hadnt seen both the movies.