Mixing blind @ 2am. Help :) - Brianinogang

Mixing blind @ 2am. Help :) - Brianinogang
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Same here, great song and great mix. Sorry for not having a truly meaningful comment at this point!


firstly i`m loving the track!

it reminds me of a mix between king crimson/ led zep/ gong and rainbow with a hint of limp biscuit .

i think the familiar sound you have achieved is great! very good.

i`m not sure about a couple of the key choices in some of the vocal parts but you pull it off.
love the low fi backing vocals…awesome.

not noticed much on the bass front but listening on computer speakers at moment.
drums sound great, good separation yet a solid kit sound.

i agree sometimes the guitar gets a bit monotonous maybe try altering the register or altering the riff now and again.

i really enjoyed listening to this , its a cool track and very well mixed!



Maybe I just like this kind of music… but I think your mix is killer!


Thanks very much guys. still working on the master copy of this track. I am sure to keep u guys updated thank you very much!


Hey guys here’s an update on this track.
changes made:
-guitar tone boosted from 1k up by 1 db to make it pop out better
-snare tuned down about 2 cents
-all vocal layers added
-new effects on vocals 2nd verse to make it sound like a late 90’s deftones vocal.

how’s it sounding now?


Dare I say it “Creed” but I loved the production on them records. You mix sounds top notch to me. Some of the vocal line timings are off trying to fit to many words in or not enough for the rhythm of the song.


That bass is killer bro. It’s all killer.


Love this mix.
Great work.

All the instrumental elements working nicely together.

Only thing I would play around with is more presence in the vocal at times.



Everything sounds really good, but the lyrics are a little forced and awkwardly phrased in a couple spots. Other than that… sounds terrific. Very ‘Tool’ like in spots. I like it.


Hey cool to see some “news” on that catchy track.
From the attached mix on the top of this thread, I found it darker (it could fit the band wishes) and it had more some “live show” sound if it would mean something…

Nice work from what I heard! :beerbanger:


Cool song. I like it.

The mix improved a lot. The bass, guitars and vocals are coming through much better in this latest mix.


Thanks Chick2!

The band is influenced a lot by the late 90’s rap metal and post grunge movement. I tried suggesting the vocal issues to the band but I guess they were already happy with the outcome arrangement and composition wise so I had no argument in that area :slight_smile: thanks for appreciating the mix.


Thank man. the bassist really invested on his gear. The bass guitar is a warwick. I think its one of the high end ones. beleive it or not, i just used a guitar rig 4 preset for the bass and this was the sound. just added some compression afterwards. cheers!


Thanks sammy. I’d love to revisit the mixing and fix that but the band already released the EP. It was successful though and they’re getting attention now from local radio stations, shows and magazines. Congrats to the band! \m/


You got it. Tool :slight_smile: The band is a huge tool fan from before and I think it “subliminally” reflected onto this song.


cheers! there is a remix after that. I think the second one sounded more “studio”-ish. thanks for the input!


thanks man cheers!


Yep, what about “pro”-mix then :blush:


haha the 2nd one was all that i could do at the moment. the “pro” mix is yet to be released lol :wink: