Mix Contest!

Mix Contest!

Whoah! Sounds more like fixing than mixing!

Are you saying I lack humanity? :thinking: Just kidding… :wink:
Honestly, I just tried to present the tracks in the way that I like to have them prior to mixing.

With my tracks, the main editing work goes into the vocals (comping mainly, and some tuning).

With this track, I edited the bass I played from the demo to match the live drums, rather than re-playing the bass. Normally I would just replay the bass to match the live drums, but since it was fretless bass, and I’m no fretless genius, I thought it would be best just to do it that way.

The drums are pretty much untouched. Jordan is such a beast of a player, and his timing, dynamics and feel is so good, it makes it unnecessary. The only editing I did to the drums was to delete the bleed out of the toms when they weren’t playing. I think there might have been one place where the kick and snare flammed when they were hit together, so I replaced that hit with a good one from elsewhere in the song.

Apart from that, all the guitars and the rest of the elements are pretty much recorded/punched in as-is. I just edit out the silences and make sure there is no extraneous noise at the tops and tails of parts, and in the rests.

Glad you liked the multis!


Nice. I hope you end up getting 1000 mix submissions then start questioning all your life choices.


Haha, thanks for your good wishes! :thinking:

Pretty certain we won’t be getting anywhere near 1000 submissions. The site membership fee of $10 per month will put off 99.9% of people…

@bozmillar , you of all people should be aware of the difficulty of separating tight-fisted audio enthusiasts from a dollar for a digital product or service of which they perceive they can get the equivalent for free elsewhere! :wink:

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Is there a way to check out the site as a guest? I’d like to be able to look around before having to pay a fee…which I think is pretty absurd, but understandable and maybe even worth it if there is actually good content and activity there.

It’s only $10 for a month…

I finally got to a point where I could put my mix in there. Still miles away from where it needs to be but I added my thought process as well. I am not sure if it is ok to share here or not but if it is I will share later.

Looking forward to giving it a listen! I’m guessing Bill would say “great”! Don’t all musicians/composers want their pieces to be heard? :slight_smile:

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thanks for your kind words there. It is definitely nice to see interest in mixing and composing real orchestra with real instruments. An art that is slowly getting lost in the world of modern day mixing with beat fatteners and digital sounds. I could sense the struggle Bill had to go through to create what he did. Big respect and props for him to encourage everyone to mix it. As you can see it is quite the struggle to mix. I think every sound engineer, musician or mixer should dive into mixing a real orchestra, lot to learn there and a lot of harsh reality checks.

I am glad I was able to get myself to come to a stopping point, I hope I get to stab Andrews mix. With Thanksgiving and holidays coming up my time is about to get thinned out even further.


The contest closes on the 31st December, so no rush just yet!

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cool thanks for letting us know.

Hiya, getting the idea of a sound profile for your voice… my ear is pretty biased when it comes to rock and that makes me not the ideal mixer for a rock song. I like to hear exploding and gyrating guitars slammin it as hard as they come lol. I am still doubling down with the danger zone… linkin park hybrid vibe taken up a notch lol. Anyway, here is my very very rough idea …

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I’m at work at present, so I only have cheap speakers to listen on - sounding pretty good on these. I really like the vocal/harmony blends you’ve got happening here.

I notice some of the mixes I’ve listened to - although they might be pretty slammin’ instrumentally - seem to be struggling getting right balance between the lead vocal and the harmonies. With your classical background, and your familiarity with blending multiple elements in an orchestral arrangement, I think you have a distinct advantage in that department.

I can’t be to sure about much else on these speakers, but I notice some “slight compression pumping” on the mix overall… It might be just a matter of finding the right release time setting on your buss compressor though, because I quite like the way your mix is glued together. I’d have to listen on better speakers to be any more helpful than that.

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yep, I have done bare minimum, just the eq sweeps to get the right guitar sounds and vocals… and there is an unclean reverb i slapped on it that is likely causing issues with pumping. Trying to get that glued sound… then work backwords

@ColdRoomStudio I think your voice can take a lot of “guitar heat” and it amazes me… there arent many singers who can ride out roaring guitars like that. I think I have cornered in the “feel” I am looking for, for this mix - “overheated exploding guitars…” yep that sounds like me lol . Now I will try to get your voice to cut through a bit better and then the hard work begins.

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Hey Michelle… just had a listen to this on my studio setup. Yup, slammin’ mix alright. I really love the attitude you bring to it. Are you sidechaining those guitars to be ducked by the vocal and/or drums? I love the hugeness of the guitars… cool!

You seem to have managed to find the right spot where the vocal is still perfectly audible, but the instruments sound huge, like a rock band should. The mental image I have is of a vocal being like a sharks fin - just poking out above the surface of the ocean waves. Eric Valentine is the master of that style… if you listen to the first Slash solo album, the guitars are just so in your face, yet the vocal sits perfectly, like in this song here

If I had any criticism, it would be that the movement in the mix is just a little too unsubtle. I really love it, but it maybe venturing into dance music realms. Also, the drum transients feel just a little too “blunted” for me.

Nice work so far!

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yes I have the guitars sidechained to vocal rider, with a highly compressed version of your vocals spiked at certain sweet spots to get a quick and dirty idea of what I am looking for.

yup love that one and thanks for reminding me of that track! Ill keep that in mind. That track has a great drum reference. So far I have Alice in Chains, Mxpx, Linkin Park in my mind as I mix this track with a hint of added steroid.

I havent touched the drums yet. I have a rough mix idea now, then I plan on taking a break from it for a few days, reset my ears, before I truly sit down to polish individual tracks and create some depth and dynamics. just might end up taking all the way to Dec 31 :flushed:

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yay, keep the chat going… this is great stuff to read thanks y’all
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