Mix 1 - Song #3: "Disconnected"

Dude! That song! That hit!!
Very smarth moves everywhere, and nice shortcuts where the song needs some. And everything under the 3 minutes mark.

Mixwise I would prefer things a bit different but it’s mainly a matter of taste.
Very great job!

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Maybe… I used a completely different processing chain on the bass. In mix 2a, I kind of processed it like I would my own bass guitar, which is pretty complex, 3 separate tracks blah blah blah, and the basic sound coming from my Amplitube Ampeg plugin. But Dave has a completely different core tone, and he runs DI through a Neve preamp, so I don’t think my usual processing didn’t seem to be doing the trick. Then I remembered that the Slate Bundle’s Overloud TH-U has an Eden Bass amp model, which is the one Dave usually uses live, so I decided to start out with that as the core tone to process the DI with. It just seemed to work better.

Wow - that’s dedication!

Thanks W - yeah, I think it’s pretty close now. I appreciate you taking the time :beerbanger:

Thanks Phil - My arrangement of this song has changed massively from when I wrote it 27 years ago. My original version of the song had a LOT of repetition in it, particularly of that main riff. It was too much. I’ve learned a lot about arrangement since then. This song really benefited from a radical rearrangement.

Thanks for listening and sharing your thoughts!


yeah they are really good bass rigs and from what I have heard is that they use real bass harmonics captures so that would explain a lot. When those harmonics combine in synergy with your processing, the perceived bass gets louder without actual sound pressure changing too much.

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I can’t believe I forgot to use it in the first place, since I have known all along that he uses them live!