Mask - A shot at my pride

Mask - A shot at my pride


I just saw this. Love the song and the arrangement. You voice is great too. I don’t have much to add to what the others have said, other than I’m really looking forward to your next version!

Just a thought: if “fuckus on me” is too problematic, maybe you could change the lyric to some like “Twenty years later I’m looking at me” or something similar?

Really nice song all around - thanks for sharing it with us! :+1:


Okay everyone else already commented on the “focus” thing. But I’ll give my +1 to that haha.

I really like this. The acoustic guitar tone is lovely, and your voice is great. You have a cool tone and emote well. I like the song too, and the production. If I had to nitpick… maybe it’s a little too compressed? There’s something a bit fatiguing listening to the busier sections.

But yeah, this is really cool. Great job and thanks for sharing it!


Hi Miked,

Thanks for the kind words.

I will go back in the studio during the week and try to get a better focus, or I’ll do as you suggested.

Thanks again



Hi Cristina,

Thank you very much for taking the time to listen to my song.

“Your voice is great”, that means a lot for me as it is defintely the instrument I’m less confident with.

And you’re probably right, I may have gone with the mastering.

Thanks again.



Hi Everyone,

Here is the best I can do without going over foooocusing…

Any chance it’s better?

Thanks in advance for your precious help!



ooh yeah… this is great… love it!!
You have totally nailed the ‘focus’… didn’t catch my ear at all other than to overall wrench my heart in the way that very cool songs do…
thanks Mathieu… there is such a great energy to this song, love the build and the emotional punch that it carries. This is so good to listen to for a bunch of reasons… love the movement of it all, it sweeps me up and carries me along and your voice is sounding really great! mmm yum!




Thanks Emma for all those kind words. Really glad you enjoyed it.



You made my day. Thank you Andrew.



Awesome job and awesome song! Really well done! :+1:


Thanks a lot Miked!


Much better! Well done!


Thanks Pirrie!