Life Gets In the Way - A Remix

Life Gets In the Way - A Remix
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No problem Mike - great to get some further confirmation!


Thanks for all the comments so far on this one - here’s a third mix that tries to combine aspects of both - how’s it sounding?


Holy crabapple seeds in the mouth of my herpes ridden ex, that is a great sounding mix. You maximized the positives of both mixes, definitely got the best drum sound so far. I really like it, it’s got all the goodies of the apples mix, without all the bacon sizzle highs. You’ve got a new fan.


O Yes!!
Love it!!


I only listened to the final mix with my built-in laptop speakers.

I like the dynamic arrangement of the song, the slide guitar and the discordant guitar notes. I also really like the effect on the vocals on the chorus. They sit really well. The drums and bass sound really good!

My only (tiny) nitpick would be that it sounds like the vocals are a bit out of tune on the lowest notes in the verse, right when the singing comes in. It feels like it may be a bit too low for the vocalist, BUT it can also be looked at as “character”.


T-Pain tuning would fix that


Thanks Dillon! Good to hear it’s an improvement

Cool! Thanks Emma.

Thanks man - glad you liked it!

Good call -Thanks dude! I missed that completely -D’oh! That very first low phrase has some flat notes in it - I just ducked back into the mix and touched up those first few notes - here is the fixed one:


Yeah that feels good. You are rocking it.


Cool, thanks Eric!


Cleaned up real nice. This is not your average there I’m done put it on a shelf song. Get this out there.


Thanks Paul!


Print that puppy! :beerbanger:


Wow! every time I hear something you do… :heart_eyes: Blows me away. Ever thought of teaching what you know and how you do it at a community college?


Hey sounding good!
A few things that I’m hearing. The choruses mainly had this ringing sound going on so I opened up the daw and found around 716 kh ish (E.g. 1.57 -2.09) might be my end tho, but again in the choruses. I like the body of the kick, but there’s something with the click of it. I don’t mind it in the verses it seems to lay in the pocket ok, but when the choruses hits I start to hear more click if that make sense. The last thing maybe a little less 10k and up overall in the mix.


This song and mix holds my interest throughout. I really like the dynamics, how it builds and how you bring it down, and all the little choices you make to liven the song up. Lots of depth here. The little spot in the vocal sounds better in the last mix. :+1: