Jamestoffee – Wasteland (band mix) contest entry

Jamestoffee – Wasteland (band mix) contest entry
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We were giving the opportunity to add parts to this song which was totally cool but could almost be a separate contest especially with this version. What you added isn’t bad. I do strongly believe it took away from the songs original feeling. The mix however is lacking in some areas for me. Still a very interesting mix.


I am liking all of your additions but i am not crazy about the mix. The piano is too loud in the intro and first verse, the vocals are tucked back to far all the way through, and there is a need for this to all gel a little more. Having a shared reverb bus and some more whole mix compression would help in my opinion. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for the feedback :smiley:


Thanks for the feedback, Tmsky69 :smiley:


Thanks for the feedback, reworks :smiley:


already did my input previously (monitors AV40s, treated room)
this is an earbud pass (hearing all mixes on some terrible samsung earbuds)

all sounds a bit extra tinny on these. Chorus peaks and is very evident.
Other than that not much to add.

Creative additions were still very impressive, the strings and the beep loop at 2 min sounded a bit extra cool on these lol