I may need a Strat

I may need a Strat


Indeed! I will of course decide by playing them, but I am leaning really strongly towards a maple neck, because I love the way they look. I know, I know! It’s how it sounds and feels that is important. But I’m going to try to be satisfied with a maple neck when the time comes…

On pickups, I’ll doubtless go with stock single-coils because I really want “that Strat sound” even if it comes with hum and noise. My P90 guitar picks up a little bit, but it is entirely livable, nothing like the problems Patrick has with his Strat. So I’m hopeful the same will be true here. That said, if after some time the best option seems to be a “pupgrade”, then I’ll consider that in due course…


David they just posted a great review on the new strats…


Have you looked at Tom Anderson and Nash? I would take that Nash S-63 over a fender American standard in a heartbeat.


@dgarner Thanks danny! They’re certainly impressed with the new axes, but then again, they have a vested interest in selling them… but still some good info in there.

@Jonathan Never heard of 'em… chances are that the pickin’s for them will be pretty slim here locally. I really would prefer to buy something I can play first if at all possible. What is it about those guitars that impresses you?


true that they do but I think there pretty unbias when it comes to talking about products, nothing like playing one frirst and see what you think.


Just checked it out-- Nash has no dealers in Houston, and there is just one who carries any Anderson, but nothing like what I’m interested in. Thanks for the suggestion all the same @Jonathan!


How about suhr?


Mosrite. You want a Mosrite.


Two more guitar makes (that I’d not heard of) that can’t be had in Houston. I appreciate the boutique suggestions, but…


My friend, Mosrite is not boutique. It’s badass vintage! They’re sort of like Strats, but way cooler and sound better. :smiley:

But no, you won’t find one locally. But if you do, let me know.


Fair enough! I did read enough about them to know they are pretty revered in the pro world. So yeah, “boutique” was the wrong word-- “hard to get” or “not readily available” would have been better. :sunny:


Don’t forget “stupidly expensive”.


so maple neck it is…

yes the pickups can be an insane amount of choices. even you mention “stock” but thats yet to be defined for each model. texas specials were the most poopular but I never cared for those and preferred the smoother tone.

i noticed a several american strats up for sale on CL (post the holiday spending…hah)
one mint sunburst was $650 with case, had paperwork and everything, I almost bought it.
sometimes GC has end of the year sales too you might check out, or returns this time of year and save a few hundred. if moneys an issue…
Ive gotten a few hundred off a year end deal, so 2016 US strats might get marked down a little.

the colors available for each year can be interesting if thats a big deal.


I bought one of these:


I guess it’s a mim strat with the Roland stuff on it.

I love it. Lot of things it can do, lot of guitar sounds.


Hi CW…
Don’t be afraid of a MIM strat if you like the way it feels and sounds. The build quality is fine and even in basic form they feel and sound like a strat. For $400 you can get your feet wet and explore what you really want out of a strat. Then later down the road you may be able to bring it the rest of the way home with minor mods and a pickup change. Even if you decide that you NEED to upgrade to a more expensive axe. At least you will then know WHY. A “very basic” strat is a good thing to have around no matter what. So is a TELE… but don’t get me started with that… :slight_smile:


@rjwillow Rich, that’s a very good point… and with the comments here about Strats sometimes needing to be “fought”, that might be a smarter move to make.

I have nothing against Teles either! :guitar:


Mine is Mexican, but its a very very early model. I keep it around because it sustains for days. I thought it was an american with a mexican neck, but no. Its an actual MIM strat that sounds unbelievable. I actually like it - crazy as that sounds.


I already own a Variax JTV-59S modeling guitar, which I love. It has 24 instruments in its firmware ranging from Strats and Teles thru Les Pauls, semihollows, jazzboxes, acoustic guitars, baritone guitar, even sitar and banjo. Absolutely great for a one-nerd operation like mine. So there’d be no need for me to get the Roland.

It was from using the Variax that I grew to love the ES-335 sound, and eventually picked up a used Heritage H535 (their version of the same axe). I also grew to love the sound of the P90 guitars on it, and ended up getting a Les Paul with P90s for that. And now it’s the Strat sound that I want to be “the real thing” instead of the model. Eventually, anyway…


The longer scale length (than a Gibson or such) does add a little tension and reach. But it also gives back in clarity and upper partials. As for Teles… they are my #1 love. I say that you have to PLAY a tele like a tele if you want it to BE a tele. Meaning… it gives back what you put in.
So buying a new, first strat (or tele) I strongly advise to go as basic as possible. Especially pickup-wise… Overly wound or overly specialized pickups tend to limit tone more than enhance it. They also tend to stray away from what we all think about when the hear “strat” in out heads. There is nothing inherently wrong with that. But I’d rather see someone find a direction with an axe than see them buy a “destination” axe and then have to help them find their way back… You’d be surprised on how many boutique pickups I take OUT of guitars. :slight_smile:


Also… to be considered:
Are you going to use the whammy? Are you looking forward to it or are you on the fence?
If you are going to dive right in(sorry-pun), Then It might be better to go with an Am Std with a 2 point.
If you are NOT going to use it and hate even the idea that you might go out of tune, Go for a Mexican or American vintage. You can block it or just slam the springs and not have to worry…
If you are somewhere in the middle of these two, go for a Mex or Vintage with a 6 hole whammy. You can slightly float it like intended or 'deck" it by having it come to rest against the body and still have some fun with it…