Homeless is done..thanks to all who helped

Doh! I came to give this here song a listen and it looks like it’s under construction.

I’ll be back. :sunglasses:

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Hi Mike Love the new avatar:) Yes I pulled the song, but have been messin with it tonight a bit just to get back on track…no pun intended. The song isn’t much, but fun to piece it together. I sang the first verse almost the way I liked it but then I took a break and wrote the second set of lyrics. Big mistake, I sang it completely different. ha ha Will do a complete after I get everything else situated.



Thank you for reviewing my music! Now your song: I think it seems obvious the song is not complete as of yet. Instrumentally, what you have so far sounds very good. It feels like it needs some lead guitar towards the end of what you have so far. I have mixed feelings on the distortion you have on your vocals. The singing itself is good. The distortion does give it some grit, though I can’t help wonder how your vocals would sound with less distortion. I myself tend to put delay on my vocals (I’m not implying that you should) to beef them up, which has been controversial for ages. I live & work in Los Angeles County: real estate & rent have become quite expensive again. I work in Glendale and on average, I see at least one beggar a day. I have no doubt most of them are professional beggars, though it is still a sad situation. Roughly 40 years ago 60 Minutes did a segment on beggars, and they can make decent money, often better than minimum wage, with no taxes. Hard to tell though who is just too lazy to work, who has mental problems, who has drug/alcohol problems. I’ve heard sometimes they’ll put homeless people from other states on buses to ship them to California, where it seems to be a friendlier environment for the homeless. Can’t help wonder if helping them too much just encourages lazy behavior. No easy solution to this problem.

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Since you are good about reviewing my music on this forum, I am back for seconds. This sort of thing is purely subjective, though I personally like the vocals a lot better without the distortion. You don’t need to play like Eddie Van Halen to have an effective lead guitar. I am a big fan of having plenty of delay effect on lead guitar (and other things); though I’m not certain it would work for this song of yours. Sometimes playing lead guitar with something that is simple to play, yet melodic in content, can be way more effective than playing 5,000 notes per second. Or the lead guitar could somewhat copy the vocal melodies a bit, with some embellishment. Just some thoughts.

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Hi Aaron I think if I ever get a good track, I will hire someone to do fills, accents, and lead parts. One of the guys that I still play with from our original band from the early seventies is a great lead guitarist, but has no interest in recording. I know you can do great midi stuff, but I don’t have an interest in that. ha ha

This is a great forum. There are so many directions folks can go here for entertainment and knowledge. I wish I had 10 percent of the background that some have so I could help folks. I have all the time in the world. I have to try some delay on my guitars now. Never did that. This might be a record of time spent on one song. ha ha I’m doing one with one of my granddaughters that is taking a lot of time. If nothing else I can be a good cheerleader. thank you for all your hints

Having delay effects that are in sync with the tempo of the song are common now, but it wasn’t always that way. Earlier I would calculate delay times with a calculator (I’m a mechanical engineer, so I’m decent with math), if I knew the beats per minute for the song. Assuming you use drum software and a fixed tempo, and a delay that can be at various fractions of a beat (MIDI synced), you can experiment with different delay times. The different delay time could affect what and how you play something. Or record some lead guitar & experiment with different delay times, delay amounts, and how long the delay lasts. I have been using Line 6 Helix Native software for several months (have yet to go public with those songs as of yet), and you can go crazy with delay effects. Having at least 3 separate delay effects (all running at once) can be possible with one instance of Helix Native. That is enough to keep someone off of the streets for awhile, experimenting with delay alone.

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I like the comment about not needing 5000 notes for a good guitar solo. Neil Young rarely goes past two or three, and he’s done okay. If you need a guitar part I know a guy.

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Nice Paul! Love the drums and the groove. Really solid production, but I am not hearing some of the lyrics clearly. BTY, I think you’d have a blast getting a lead payer to do a collab. I happen to know a guy who is ultra-professional, has a great ear and ideas for production work and can play the shit out of the instrument too! If I were more prolific in my songwriting I’d be keeping him busy. :wink:

PS. If you don’t want to just pull up one of Studio One’s delays, here’s a website to help you figure it out the hard way like @aaron_aardvark mentioned.


Hi Bob If I get this done, somebody is going to be knockin on your door. 45 years of playin is awesome. I started at 10 and was in a band at 17. ha ha You would think I would be better???

Hi Mike Yeah, when I pulled the stank off that vocal, I didn’t turn up that track. I wish I could find something that could make my voice just a tad nasty. I don’t even know how to add delays etc. Pathetic. I am at a standstill for the first time. I am so tired of those three chords. Maybe tomorrow morning I will wake up with a brainstorm. Going to check out the site you listed. maybe find some toddler to help install it. Thanks guy

If you want to play with a delay, just pull up one of Studio One’s native plugins and go through the presets. It is soooo easy these days. Just twiddle “knobs” until you hear something you like. Maybe try a slapback type delay preset on your vocal? …Just throwing stuff at you. :slight_smile:

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Mike Ok, so I found those delays in studio one. There is an analog delay, a beat delay and a groove delay. a couple of them made an echo that went on for minutes. I can see there is a lot to this with all the bells and whistles. I select “medium delay” out of the analog file. I turned down the wet part, but now that I play it back, I can’t hear much delay. I will go back and mess with it now that I know where it is. ha ha I keep tweaking when I should be finishing the song. I have a 20 ton crane I have been workin on to clean my pond again and I keep hurting my hands. laying off that thing for a few days to heal. ha ha Love your suggestions man

Take care of those hands! You have Studio One Pro? Sweet, I was thinking you were on Artist. Yep, so the wet/dry is the mix between your original audio (no FX) and the plugin effect. Find the sound you want with the “wet” turned up, then back off the “wet” and/or turn up the “dry” until you like the balance. You can literally find a plugin or FX chain you like in the browser on the right part of the screen, and drag it onto your track or send and Studio One will do the routing for you. Pretty slick!

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Confession. I have studio one 2 professional. I haven’t updated since 14. ha ha I did turn the wet from 20 on the preset to 12. Just sounded too echo…y. I tried to follow you in your post above and got a little lost. going to youtube that. I found an EQ that is called round and deep for bass guitar. It cuts very deep around the 200-400 area. I allows more room for acoustics and vocals. I am surprised folks here on the forum have never caught me. ha ha Going to pound on the song tonight Cheers

Have fun and twiddle until you like it! :+1:


Love that word twiddle. I now own it. haha I added a little lead break from 1:30 to 1:50 I used something called swell on my line 6 amp. Like Emma said one time “it’s a hard beast to tame” You have to play the note way in advance and it is all guesswork. I got the first few seconds off but then it gets closer toward the end. Talk about guitar 101 :slight_smile: I hope to finish this??

Ooh you have a new version and this is sounding GREAT Paul! I am having technical issues but finally managed to get it through my stereo speakers (my drivers are fighting their ridiculous battles)… there is a bit of hiss but it works together really nicely with a dirty sort of vibe! A nice relentless beat o, it just ends… well… suddenly? I am already imagining police sirens shouting and the crunch of broken glass!! (wicked grin)…
love how you are developing this, it doesn’t sound at all patronising, just kinda real… with a pleasing tone of grit and realness… .

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Hi Emma I broke some glass and recorded it as to your suggestion, but Roz was not impressed. ha ha
Yes it ended suddenly because I am stumped on what to do next. I had some great suggestions so far. One being that this unfortunate dude turn it all around and “climb out of there” So…I invented this guy named Bill who worked in the same office and sent him out there to get him back on his feet??? Anywho, like so many of my other of my songs, it is now getting a little weird. Should he stay there or get a job and maybe do it all over again. ha ha I need a lyricist . Songwriting would be too easy then I guess. Thank you for your ever so delightful take on my songs again. You are the best (looking over my shoulder for my wife)

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Coming along nicely. Sounds to me like you need to put a bridge in where it stops now that can get you back to
I’m A Homeless Man but You Can Bet Your Ass…
Simple chord switch to Dmaj would work as a starting point.
Only suggestion I would give you right now is to not get boxed in working on delays and FX until the song structure is completed. Whenever I do that I end up scrapping everything because the feel of it changed. Hammer out the meat and potatoes and make good gravy after it is cooked.


Hey Bob Sorry bout not getting back to you. Had cataract surgery and it messed me up a bit. First eye was easy breezy. I sill like this track, but I sorta hit a brick wall for the bridge etc. I tried the Dmaj7,but struggled to get back to the G chord. I am not very clever. Anyhow I finished it for now. All gets better and he is off the streets. I wish I had more ideas cuz the doc told me I couldn’t do anything for a week. It’s tough when you are hyper. A special thanks for all your thoughts and help :slight_smile: