Help improving this acoustic video!

Help improving this acoustic video!


There are lots of variants of video formats even within a single file type and codec. Are there any other settings on your camera’s video mode that you can adjust? It should be able to import h.264 .mov files, so I’m guessing that there’s some setting it doesn’t like. Video can be a huge pain with all the different codecs.


Specifications say that the format is .MOV and the compression is “H.264/MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding”. Audio format is “Linear PCM”.
Video “Output” is NTSC or PAL…

I found some blogs online about importing video from various Nikon cameras to Resolve. They are all essentially plugs for video conversion software.
Also this:
which doesn’t seem very promising…


I thought before I go any further, I should check out what my PowerDirector software can do…turns out, the version I have can’t do much. Just basic color correction and no possibility to import LUTs.

So, back to Resolve.
Looks like I can use ffmpeg to do the necessary conversion. Resolve allows some python scripting, so there might be an outside possibility to automate the conversion…