Headphone Amp Recommendations

Headphone Amp Recommendations
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It’s pretty neat. In the summer when it’s hot as balls outside, the room is nice and cool - for about 30 minutes, until all the gear and body heat brings the temperature up. At that point it’s almost unbearable because those thick walls make it nearly impossible to shed heat.

More on topic: the power supply for my headphone amp popped last night (one too many Texas/French lightning storms, I guess).

New one is on the way. If the unit is actually damaged, it might be time for an upgrade to a nifty rack unit like yours.


I HATE storms! Not only do they send one of our dogs berserk, but we had one last summer that sent a spike through the whole house. It popped my stereo receiver and cost me some $$$. I unplug my studio gear when in use now, and at the very whif of a thunderstorm.


Woah @Calebz! I somehow missed that post with the mini castle! so cool lookin’! If you could get a decent HVAC system in there, you’d be golden!


I wish. AC just doesn’t happen here. I think 25 people in this entire country actually have AC, and only 3 of them ever turn it on.