Get the Giganto update to Boz's Sasquatch 2!

Get the Giganto update to Boz's Sasquatch 2!


yep, just saw that…
sounds pretty irresistible…

O, I got the email for the special upgrade price but no coupon …
(inserts puzzled face)

If you click on the link in your email, you get the $10 price. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah I tried that but both links came up as $29
Ahhh… had to re-log in and it worked… here I go…

Ahhh, you need to be logged in to your Boz Account. So log in, then click the link above and it should show as $10. :yum:

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yes… all good… just had some faffing and double faffing with the login and then tra lala… the bargain came right on through…
this looks fun! Even though I am not a ‘heavy’ drum user I find sasquatch a really useful boosty thingy for various bits in my mix. Heh… how about that for product endorsement?


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Hey Emma, long time no hear (from me!!!).

Did anyone here have the orignal? What are the key improvements? Not that it really matters as I pretty well own and use almost everything Boz has put out.

In no particular order, these get used on pretty much every mix I do:

  • Big Beautiful Door (a MUST!!!)
  • Mongoose (A MUST!!!)
  • Transgressor (A MUST…helped me with real drums soooooo much)
  • Sasq (use frequently)
  • Imperial Delay (Used frequently)

I don’t tend to use T-bone much but I’d love to hear what people use it for.


Hey dan it looks like it has tightened things up and added some functionality. Below is an overview video. Like you i just say why not I love boz’s stuff and $10 is a price i can handle.


Cool… I haven’t had time to do anything with it yet and had found the first version still had a couple of bugs that I may have missed the revision too, so I look forward to having some time to play around.

And hey @danmanisa so great to see you again and I see you have put a song up for bash which I’m late to the show on but look forward to dropping into later in the weekend when I can ‘properly’ listen.
And as for tracking down Brandon, possibly your best bet is a pm through here… he has really vanished. I did have a street address for him but had no response from that so he really has moved on. It was a remarkable place RR back ‘in the day’ :smile:


Sorry to go all braggy for a minute here, but I can’t think of another place to do it without sounding like a salesman. I just got a phone call from a number that I didn’t have in my contacts. I don’t usually pick up unknown numbers because 95% of the time it’s a spam call from Florida, but my wife is out helping a friend to just got in a car crash, so I figured I should pick up.

Anyway, it wasn’t spam. It was Dave Pensado saying he picked up Sasquatch 2 and loved it.

That’s all. There was no point to this post other than to brag.


no, thats cool as we can now TRACK Dave down, and tell him its your fault…

greetings from Florida … :slight_smile:

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Ah, so you are the one always calling pretending to be the IRS.

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I always seem to have to write those buggers’ a check for $four figures every year… I have no intention of impersonating them…

Huh! very cool…Then, let us bask in your reflected glory for a moment, Boz!.. at least we RR veterans can say we’ve known about and used something really cool way before Dave Pensado knew it existed!..and he calls himself “cutting edge” :roll_eyes::grin:


Yessir! We are The Originals. He’ll have to change his name to The Regulars.


I don’t know how I missed this thread!! I just now received the email for the promo a few minutes ago. Clicked the video. Wow. So impressive!!

That’s really nice of him to reach out. I respect him so much for being a great guy.

Just FYI, I released an update last night that makes some pretty significant changes to the trigger and the tone generator. It should give much more consistent results from kicks with varying levels. If you haven’t already, you can just update from these links.


Boz, is there some way to change the note that the a kick sample triggers in real-time with automation or something?

Yep. Make sure the “Follow” button is enabled, and you can click on a note on the keybaord to change the frequency. Disable MIDI triggering if you dont’ want the note click to actually trigger a kick.

You can also route MIDI to the plugin and change notes with that. Same deal: MIDI Follow needs to be enabled, and MIDI triggering needs to be disabled.

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