GET OUTA BED! (...and bash this mix)

GET OUTA BED! (...and bash this mix)


Thanks Bob - glad you liked it.


Yep, this is what I thought after all because it’s not what he used to do (from what I listened from him).


Hey Fh Very nice sounding mix. Intro sounds good with the panning choices. Nice use of delays. Did you reamp the guitars? I think the only thing that might need some adjustment is with the kic snare levels. Maybe bring the snare down a db. Great job, always enjoy hearing your mixes.

O bye the way how did you handle the snare? I just had a hard time with it.


I reamped one of the rhythm guitars (the RH one), and kept the other one as is.

Yeah, the snare’s pretty loud - I was referencing ACDC’s “Rock’n’Roll Train” for this one:

I did something a little different this time. I found a the cleanest, most powerful snare hit I could find in the raw drum multi-track and used it as a sample to lay in under the existing snare. I processed it to sound meaty and powerful, with a lot of attack. Solo’d it’s totally robotic, but sliding it in underneath, provides some consistency in the snare playing.

I also layered in a few samples from Slate’s trigger and tucked them in underneath for some fatness and ambience. The basic snare sound you hear is still there when I turn off the samples, though.


That’s a brilliant idea!