Fresh collab needs some bashing

Fresh collab needs some bashing

yeah there is. It won’t be a finished and perfectly polished because there’s no way to remove it. Part of forming and sculpting a sound like this from a DI or sim is being able to apply processing to the amp sim independently of a dry DI signal.

I’m in mixing and training sessions all day…I still haven’t had time to sit and play with it, but I’m hoping that you can control 125 to 250 and have enough give to fiddle with 800 while making extreme boosts in the 2k to bring out the bite. I think you need to apply more drive to this thing as well, but its gonna be difficult because usually you want the chorus toward the end of the chain. This has it committed to the front of the chain. Forming sub bass balances below 90 is usually not a problem because more often than not, its a matter of correctly timing attack and release compression settings in that frequency range to balance program material to match the kick drum. Variances in the ‘tone’ really aren’t distinguishable in that frequency range.

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I redid the bass altogether @Jonathan, no chorus.

Just used a bass amp sim in Guitar Rig

woohoo! That’s a night and day difference. Now you’re on to something! I’m glad that bass part wasn’t too hard to replay.

So now try blending that DI with an amp sim. You still need more bite and more fizz and growl in the upper mids in my opinion. And then if you split that DI through a heavy amp sim like an Ampeg or Mesa rig, that’ll give it the low end boomy thunder to heavy it up quite a bit. I mean…you don’t have to…that’s just kind of a suggestion on how I do mine…but then again, I mainly mix fucking church and orchestra music so we should probably get some input from people who eat sleep and breath this rock music stuff.


Cool man. At least we’re on the right track now…hopefully.

OK. Something doesn’t sound right there. I have to get back in my main room to hear better…we’re wrapping up in an hour or so…I’ll check back in in a bit.

That isolated bass track is translating really weird.

It was a very rough mix so there’s probably LOTS wrong hehe. I’ll upload the new bass track and you can have a look for yourself when you get some free time, cheers mate.

Yeah man. As soon as the hooligans in the other room get off of my gear, I’ll toss it in protools. I’m curious myself. Can you upload the dry D.I, the all drums bus, and an all guitar bus?

I’ve been doing some training myself on the rock stuff…particularly in the bass guitar department (which has never been a strong area of my own mixing). I’d be curious to try a few things.

Absolutely. Is mp3 okay?

Oh sure! I’m just wanting to try out some new imaging, balancing, and clarity tricks. Mp3 works great. I’d try them myself but I don’t own a bass guitar lol. And even if I did I couldn’t play it worth a shit haha.

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Too easy, cheers mate. I’ll let you get back to your class, thanks again bud.

Had a bit of a play with the stems today - some observations:

The bass was pretty dynamic, with different frequencies popping out during different sections. I used 3 different versions of the DI each processed differently: One for fatness and low end, one for midrange and clarity, and the final one distorted with a Sansamp simulator, all bussed into a single buss, then compressed and eq’d further.

One tactic that I’ve often used for basses like this is to highlight different tones for different sections, rather than keep the bass just static in tone. Here it is just the same all the way through, and it suits some sections better than others.

The guitars needed some low end and low mid cutting, but also some trimming in the 800hz area, as well as some high end boost around 3-4k. Used a little compression to tighten them up too. Hard to keep the leads sounding as they should when processing the guitars as a group. Here the priority is getting the rhythm sound to fit.

Anyhoo, here is what I got:

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Bass sounds really punchy and tight @ColdRoomStudio ! I’d be really interested to see how you approached the various sections.
Like I said with the initial bass, it’s doing so much dynamically it was really hard to keep in tamed with a catch-all treatment. it just killed it dead.
Yep, guitars still need work, agreed.
You don’t know of any good tutorials regarding bussing l/r guitars into a stereo comp and the settings etc?

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Do you wanna have a look at the l/r rhythm gats on their own? I clearly fucked them right up initially with way to much 1K, but I’d be really interested to see how they could sound with someone who actually has a clue behind the wheel.

Here’s what I did for the bass:

  • Duplicated the bass DI three times

First DI was mainly emphasising low end (very compressed):

Second DI was for overall clarity and amp tone:

Third DI was for distortion:

All were mixed to taste, then run into a bass buss which was:
UAD Neve 88R channel strip for comp and eq > Waves Maxxbass for some hamonic weight > Fabfilter Pro MB to tighten around 100hz > Just kissing Waves L1 for a final bit of levelling:

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Sure, no worries!

Damn that’s cool. Definitely a LOT more distorted than what you’re hearing in the mix.
So all three instances are playing together?

Haha, yeah it’s pretty ugly solo’d! Distortion is definitely the “secret” weapon for bass.

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