Fever - prelim

Fever - prelim


The piano is present very early on, it joins at the same time as the low tremolo guitar and they’re panned opposite to one another. I love that rich tone it brings to the overall sound…

Will check out your bash soon!


Brilliant, Dave !!



The latest version sounds awesome! I love how you changed the song, and the new lyrics are perfect. I don’t have a lot of comments–I just really enjoyed it!


Thank you so much @Cristina! Really appreciate it. :smile:


Love the progression on the versions. The last version is really crisp and it allows you to just listen to the song as the first version I was more focused on trying to figure out what exactly it was that seemed to be out of place. Nice job.


Nice work dude!

Its sort of nick cave singing for R.E.M and it works!
Good luck :+1:

Made me want to get my version done now.
Thanks for the nudge


wow, I haven’t heard this for a while. It is scary good Dave. Congrats big time bud



Many thanks for the kind words everyone, and for all the great suggestions I got for this arrangement. Those are what got it to the next level, made all the difference. I really appreciate it!! :guitar::sound::key::notes::comet: